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Marketing Guidance


This is a collection of Surface Partner Marketing guidance. We aspire to be a brand that is authentic, inspiring, and relevant. We want to earn people’s love, creating fans that will advocate on our behalf. And you play an important part in doing that.

Resources and Guidance Documents

Web Digital Marketing

Person wearing headphones using computer

Showcase Surface on your site

Read the web guidance on how to add Surface to your site. Learn how to take advantage of Surface syndication solutions—DCCN and CNET.

People using Surface devices

Syndicated landing pages

The DCCN portal offers a Surface Portfolio and Hub 2S landing page that easily integrate into your webpage.

People talking in an office

Syndicated product-specific content

Use the CNET inline syndication program to enhance your product pages with free Surface product-specific content.

Surface Laptop 3 in Cobalt

Surface web comp design

The web comp design is to serve as inspiration when considering what, where, and how to add Surface to your site. The guide shows you how to use the web comp.

Social Digital Marketing

People around a Surface Hub

How-to guide: social posts

Learn how to build social posts and add your partner logo to the asset.

Person in a conference room

Surface product social assets

Social assets highlighting the features that differentiate Surface from our competitors, driving consideration for our devices.

Group of people working

Surface contextual social assets

Social assets showcasing people with Surface devices and how Surface enables collaboration, productivity, and work your way.

Surface Animated Social Posts

Surface animated social assets

Explore a collection of product and contextual animated social assets. Use the animation How-to guide to learn how to build social posts using these assets.