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Surface Commercial Enrollment

Become an Authorized Surface Reseller and access exclusive program benefits such as special pricing, sales support, marketing material, training, and assistance.

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To become an Authorized Surface PC or Hub Reseller, new partners are required to complete an enrollment process and opt-in to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program (formerly called the Microsoft Partner Network). Enroll at no cost and become part of the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

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Surface Pro 9

Manage Your Account

Use the work email address (for example, Once you link your company's work email account domain to your Partner Center account, others in your organization can sign in using their own work accounts, depending on the roles they've been assigned.

Login with work account

Account Admins

View list of admins who can assign and change user roles by selecting the settings gear icon, account settings, then my access. Select workplace from the list to see the list of admins.

Create User Accounts

Create user accounts for anyone on your team who needs access to Partner Center. Go to settings, account settings workplace and then user management. Add user and select create new user.

Assign Roles

Determine the access your users have to Partner Center by the roles you assign to them. Every employee must be assigned a role before they can access Partner center.

Surface PC and Hub Reseller Enrollment

Once you finish the Partner Center enrollment, you can enroll to become a Surface PC Reseller or Surface Hub Reseller and accept the applicable reseller agreement. Signing up will allow you to access the benefits of the Surface Reseller Alliance (SRA) program to help your business grow.

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Surface pro 9