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Tangent Works case study

Tangent Works accelerates artificial intelligence modeling, automation, and anomaly detection with Tangent Information Modeler on Azure

The cost of building and evaluating AI models

Traditionally, building and evaluating AI models has required highly customized and time-consuming effort from experienced data scientists, taking weeks or months.

Implementing Tangent Works’ Tangent Information Modeler

Bardess Group implemented Tangent Works’ Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) solution for a multinational client, significantly reducing time commitments and costs.

Building, evaluating, and refining forecasts in minutes, not weeks

TIM on Microsoft Azure automates the forecasting and anomaly detection process, transforming the process into one that can be accomplished in seconds or minutes.

Finding a faster, accurate approach to take advantage of machine learning

Founded in 2014 by a team of data scientists and mathematicians, Tangent Works simplifies the laborious task of creating accurate machine learning models. The company’s goal is to quickly and intelligently harness predictive modeling to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Tangent Works consulted with the Microsoft Reactor UK team to implement best practices for TIM. TIM trains time series models and generates forecasts in a few seconds, completing the iterative process in a few minutes. Typical time series forecasts take weeks or months.

“TIM naturally complements Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Azure IoT, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. For the business user, the Microsoft Power Platform can easily be extended with predictive analytics use cases without the headache of a complex project,” said Dirk Michiels, CEO, Tangent Works. “Our go-to-market efforts greatly benefit from being a Microsoft Partner, the Partner ecosystem, and the enormous collective knowledge and skills that Microsoft provides.”

A 2018 graduate of the Microsoft for Startups program, Tangent Works positioned TIM in the market with the help of the Microsoft Data and AI Global Black Belt team.

TIM on Azure enables Bardess Group to build value and save on resources

Bardess Group wanted to implement a proof-of-concept sales-demand forecasting solution for a major multinational consumer packaged goods company. Traditionally, building and refining accurate predictive models requires a combination of domain and data science expertise over weeks or months of effort. By using TIM on Azure, Bardess was able to quickly implement a solution with accurate forecasts, while minimizing resources and focusing on critical business questions that needed answering.

“With TIM, you can generate accurate and reliable forecasts from time series data in seconds, delivering instant value for business operations. Compared to traditional compute-intensive approaches, TIM delivers rapid results, costs less to deploy, and uses fewer resources,” said Barbara Pound, CEO and Founder, Bardess Group.

TIM reduced the need for expertise, time, and money, while helping users leverage insights hidden in their data for immediate and actionable business information. Bardess’ next step is to integrate the forecasts into a trade planning application, running predictions with configurable parameters to help planners determine optimal strategies.

“TIM makes predictive analytics easy to use, fast, and fully automated with InstantML, the next thing after AutoML,” Michiels said.

“Our go-to-market efforts greatly benefit from being a Microsoft Partner, the Partner ecosystem, and the enormous collective knowledge and skills that Microsoft provides.”

—Dirk Michiels, CEO, Tangent Works.

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