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Guide to the Product Terms site for partners

Дата изменения 2021-09-08

The product terms and new website—collectively the Product Terms site—has replaced the downloadable Microsoft Word document versions of the Product Terms (PT) and Online Service Terms (OST) by combining them into a single web-based viewing experience. The site provides users with improved capabilities, including a dynamic browsing experience, up-to-date content, and improved transparency related to use rights changes. The shift to a web-based experience allows you to filter content and review only the use rights and conditions that are relevant to your needs. The Product Terms site also includes the ability to print and export to Microsoft Word.

Программа: новости и выпуски Подготовка партнеров Enterprise Select Plus Выбрать Лицензионное соглашение поставщика услуг (SPLA) Open License Open Value Подписка Open Value Соглашение Solution Provider Agreement (SPA) Непрямой партнер CSP Прямая модель CSP Непрямой торговый посредник CSP