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Kaleido case study

Kaleido on Microsoft Azure simplifies blockchain adoption

Blockchain’s influence

Many companies know blockchain is changing the business world, but they aren’t yet equipped to take advantage of decentralized models.

A platform on Microsoft Azure

Kaleido designed a platform that runs on Microsoft Azure to offer blockchain solutions and more on enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Accelerating blockchain journeys

Now, even without specialized blockchain expertise, customers can easily start consortiums and drive solutions to production.

Kaleido enables modern business networks that expedite business-to-business transformation

Kaleido is headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., and aims to make blockchain radically simple for organizations to adopt so that societies will fully benefit from decentralized models and technologies. The Kaleido blockchain platform, founded in 2017, provides all the necessary technologies for building and running modern business networks that accelerate business-to-business transformation. Kaleido has helped organizations stand up and run more than 2,000 chains supporting more than 5,000 nodes, and that includes some of the world’s largest organizations already in production, such as Citi, ING, Sony, Fox, Heineken, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, ABN AMRO, T-Mobile, Kroger, World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

Kaleido’s collaboration with Microsoft was publicly announced in March 2019 at the South by Southwest conference. Customers can easily run their applications and database tiers in Azure and integrate with the Kaleido blockchain platform. They can also add key enterprise services, such as Azure Key Vault, Azure Monitor, and Azure Blob storage, to their solution. These services are pre-integrated and can be deployed with push-button simplicity.

Transactional systems are being reinvented on blockchain

In the ecosystem economy that’s emerging, complete solutions need to be interoperable and include things like application integration with enterprise systems, middleware, application programming interfaces, identity masking, and key management. And since blockchain is all about collaborating with the broader business network, it requires a shared IT approach to governance.

"Blockchain, with its shared ledger, is fundamentally a distributed technology," said Steve Cerveny, Kaleido Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "The world’s transactional systems are being reinvented on blockchain and need an enterprise platform that also is broadly distributed. We’ve built our platform across the leading public clouds, including Azure, to give our clients the ability to create global, cross-cloud networks. Our customers’ digital ecosystems can now grow and scale wherever and however the participants require."

Kaleido offers complete solutions for collaboration services and enterprise integration required for modern business networks. Digital transformation is accelerated by asset tokenization capabilities and hybrid deployment services. By integrating Kaleido’s out-of-the-box solution with Azure tools, enterprises benefit from a cohesive developer-to-deployment experience. And because Kaleido is available on Azure, it comes with a hardened, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that can handle demanding workloads. Going beyond just the chain, Kaleido provides a full stack of tools, services, and patterns of deployment to build complete blockchain solutions for today’s modern business networks.

“We've seen the successful patterns of deployment as enterprise networks go into production. We've baked these best practices and golden topologies with Microsoft Azure services into the Kaleido Marketplace to radically simplify the adoption of blockchain.”

—Sophia Lopez, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Kaleido

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