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Join the Office 365 Partner Yammer Group, where you can connect with partner peers and the Microsoft Office 365 team.

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We connect partners to partners, partners to Microsoft, and Microsoft to partners

The Office 365 Partner Yammer Group is dedicated to a community that focuses on partner engagement, both in connecting partners to partners, as well as connecting partners within the Office 365 team at Microsoft. Join this community to learn the latest Office 365 updates, industry trends, and how you can easily connect with your fellow partners.

Benefits of Joining

  • Learn the latest Office 365 updates as they happen
  • Ask and learn how other partners are being successful and innovative
  • Discover and share best practices through collaboration with other partners
  • Join in conversations that help you build your business and expand your expertise
  • Participate in fun activities and win prizes
Jeff Shuey, founder of NuNalu, explains the benefits of Office365

"Communities can make a world of difference when it comes to successful deployments... Microsoft has made it easy to stay connected and engaged with the O365 community by creating an Office365 Partners group. If you haven't joined yet, you should check it out today."

Jeff Shuey, Chief Evangelist, K2

Jeff Shuey, founder of NuNalu, explains the benefits of Office365