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Licensing price lists

Find out how to access pricing information for Microsoft products and solutions. Login to to download the price list.

Microsoft authorized resellers

Microsoft Distributors and Licensing Solution Partners (LSP) can access price lists through for Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. MPSA price lists are available separately via the Volume Licensing Partner Center.

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Microsoft Financing

Microsoft Financing (MSF) helps partners grow their business by offering flexible payment solutions that provide value to their customers, accelerate cash flow, and drive profitable revenue growth. Payment solutions from Microsoft Financing give you the ability to provide a single financing resource for your customers' IT needs including software, services, and your product offerings. Financing options are convenient as they allow customers to spread the cost of their solution over an extended period of time preserving important cash resources.

Microsoft Financing is available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. New countries will be coming online soon so be sure to check back for availability in your market.

Available financing options

  • Extended Payment Terms
    Extended Payment Terms (XPT) let your customer structure their software payments through a simple amendment to their Enterprise Agreement, without creating a loan document. This option is available in most countries MSF operates. XPT for MPSA is also available in select markets to help net new and customers transitioning to MPSA make the transition thru flexible payment solutions. XPT for MPSA is rolling out in more countries so be sure to contact MSF for updates on availability in your market.
  • Flexible payment structures
    Customers can consolidate and schedule all aspects of your IT project, including software, hardware and services, into a single predictable payment structure — on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or custom basis; ability to ramp or defer payments to align with solution deployment or cash flow requirements
  • Total solution financing
    Microsoft Financing offers total solution financing that helps businesses acquire software, services, third-party solutions, and hardware with no additional collateral, no residuals, and no hidden fees
  • Customized payment option
    Microsoft Payment Solution Sales Specialists work closely with you and your customers to structure a program to accomplish your customers’ IT goals while meeting financial and budget requirements
  • Ramped payment schedule
    Enable your customer to closely match IT investment costs with expected benefits. Ideal for staged deployment — pay only the planned amount each year.


  • Payment solutions that accommodate change
    Easily add new software, hardware or services provided by Microsoft or partner to an existing payment solutions agreement through a convenient one-step process, subject to credit approval.
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Microsoft Financing partners

Trained Microsoft Financing partners (Authorized Distributors and Licensing Service Providers) have access to tools and flexible payment options that make it easier for their customers to buy Microsoft products and services.

Benefits for you

  • Simplify cloud adoption and drive consumption
  • Drive profitable sales
  • Close deals sooner and get paid faster

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