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Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 Suite

New premium Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite combines great new value with Office 365 Enterprise offerings—delivering the most comprehensive set of productivity, collaboration, analytics, security, and compliance capabilities of any Office 365 yet. Leverage this new business value to engage customers, and discover opportunities to grow your practice.

Employee Self-Service Solution

Increase employee productivity and engagement

Some of the biggest drains on employee productivity and engagement come from a lack of available knowledge.Whether it’s an IT, HR, or customer service question, searching multiple places for knowledge wastes valuable time and effort. Employee Self-Service (ESS) is a knowledge management solution that provides accessible and consistent knowledge for all employees to deliver the right answer at the right time across all channels, including portals, devices, productivity tools, and applications.
Sell ESS as a productivity tool to increase employee engagement and productivity with easy access to enterprise knowledge.

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