Migrate and secure Windows Server and SQL Server SMB

Last Modified 2023-09-11

Azure is the best destination for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads: Customers can get the best TCO in Azure versus any other cloud, where they are optimized and supported by our continued product  innovation, built-in AI, hybrid and multicloud management, as well as the overall platform security and reliability of Azure. This sets up a secure and well-managed foundation for innovation. Customers gain unparalleled value, unmatched security, and the cloud on their own terms.
Launch a campaign to drive awareness, generate leads, and initiate sales engagement opportunities for migrating and securing Windows Server and SQL Server workloads for SMBs on Azure.
For SMBs seeking to grow their business, make it more efficient, enhance digital security and keep their employees engaged, Azure offers fast innovation and accelerated delivery of intelligent apps.
Use this guide and associated materials to create your own sales and marketing campaign that highlights the benefits of Microsoft cloud security solutions and your services.