AVEVA case study

AVEVA inspires the Industrial world to shape a sustainable future

Leveraging AI to elevate performance

Transforming opportunity into business value, AVEVA and Microsoft are accelerating industrial transformation.

Solutions for a sustainable future

AVEVA Insight running on Azure delivers actionable information and AI capabilities to help teams improve operational performance.

Business outcomes that change the game

AVEVA is providing software for a sustainable future and to accelerate digital transformation to global manufacturing customers.

AVEVA creates industrial software that inspires people to shape a sustainable future. Through collaborative innovation, the company empowers connected workers and enables industries to thrive. It aspires to a world where economic growth supports environmental sustainability, with better living standards for the communities where its customers operate. The company’s vision is aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development goals where AVEVA believes it can make the biggest impact, particularly those relating to energy transition, smart cities, and smart manufacturing.

From water and energy to food and infrastructure, the company’s solutions transform opportunity into business value. Historically, AVEVA and Microsoft have proven better together to serve the needs of global manufacturing customers. The partnership is accelerating and deepening as demand for AI and advanced analytics increases.

Leveraging AI to elevate performance

Consolidating data from multiple industrial sources to create a single source of truth, AVEVA Insight is a cloud solution that runs on Microsoft Azure and delivers actionable information and AI capabilities to help teams improve asset reliability and operational performance. Fast to get started and with lower IT costs, it uncovers opportunities in a matter of minutes. It’s a quick and simple way to increase operational agility, resilience, and sustainability.

The shift to remote work in the past year has underscored the value of accessible, accurate, real-time data that can be shared by teams across the world. By delivering intelligent systems that are available and actionable from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, AVEVA Insight empowers customers to drive innovation even during disruptions. Powered by Azure Cognitive Search, AVEVA Insight contextualizes and visualizes production and IoT data so that people can remotely make agile operational and business decisions.

Building on Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL database, AVEVA Insight provides a reliable, scalable backend for customers’ data. This data is processed by AVEVA’s intelligent software, which calculates overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), performs AI testing, and delivers alerts for teams to use to optimize operations.

AVEVA was the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Energy Award and Sustainability Changemaker Award winner. Source: AVEVA

“The connected worker is so important to AI,” says Kim Custeau, Asset Performance Management Leader at AVEVA. “I really believe that you can have all the amazing AI you want, but if you're not inspiring a person to do something with it, or you're not connected to the people who are going to take the data and leverage it and make critical decisions from it, you won’t be unlocking the full power of the technology. This is where the Azure cloud comes in—combining that accessibility with AI-driven insights and predictive capabilities of AVEVA’s software empowers our customers to transform their operations before their eyes.”

AVEVA Insight now also offers integration with Azure IoT Hub, providing customers new ways to integrate with existing devices. In factories producing essential products, AVEVA Insight has made it possible to operate with fewer people required by social distancing rules, effectively making available, through AI and advanced analytics, the expertise and insights of a fully seasoned team. The capabilities enabled by AVEVA Insight are helping connected workers play a critical role in building the resiliency and sustainability of their companies and industries.

“I really believe that you can have all the amazing AI you want, but if you're not inspiring a person to do something with it … you won’t be unlocking the full power of the technology.”

—Kim Custeau, Asset Performance Management Leader, AVEVA

Collaborating to help customers

AVEVA’s co-development relationship with Microsoft extends back decades to the advent of Windows. Through the evolution of each new wave of technology, AVEVA has always preferred building on Microsoft technology. The company values Microsoft’s reputation for innovation and trustworthiness and consistently benefits from the partnership in working with its customers.

The company was an early adapter of Azure and has worked with Microsoft on strategy for locating global Azure data centers. “We’ve collaborated closely with Microsoft from when Azure was in its infancy,” says Custeau. “We have a co-innovation program and together invested in developing our software, which together with Azure technology is a key element of the operations and asset management platform that is AVEVA Insight today.” AVEVA Insight relies on Azure’s ever-expanding suite of AI and advanced analytics services to help its customers meet their business challenges.

Azure gives AVEVA’s customers the accessibility and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global cloud network using the customer’s preferred tools and frameworks. Continuous innovation from Microsoft helps AVEVA’s customers be future-ready by building on the latest advances in AI and analytics to keep them ahead of the curve.

Solutions for a sustainable future

AVEVA provides software for a sustainable future and to accelerate digital transformation to global customers across multiple key manufacturing industries.

A leading global provider of innovative clean energy for the transportation sector uses AVEVA Insight on Azure to visualize and analyze fuel cell performance across its portfolio. Using the power of AVEVA software in the Azure cloud, the company now has a closed-loop, user-friendly, IIoT solution with a storing data rate of 500ms data resolution providing storage fidelity across millions of tags.

The system monitors and analyzes data from both online and offline sources. As a result, the company’s team benefits from a scalable solution that delivers better visibility of fuel cell performance and transparent reporting on contractual obligations regarding fuel cell efficiency. “AVEVA Insight has enabled us to rapidly and securely implement a cloud-based approach to monitoring our fuel cell products in operation globally,” says an executive with the company. “The real-time data and insights we achieve, combined with the analytic capabilities, are supporting sound decision-making for us and our customers.”

“Together with AVEVA, we are accelerating the pace of industrial innovation and empowering organizations to gain business advantage through the power of analytics and AI,” says Simran Sachar, Director of Analytics, AI & Industry, Global Partner Solutions. “AVEVA’s technology and human-centric approach align strongly with our priorities. This partnership is helping organizations empower the connected worker with the right solutions to realize value, accelerate digital transformation, and build a sustainable future.”

Business outcomes that change the game

AVEVA anticipates further rapid advances in technology around how people consume data, with easy access from anywhere, including on mobile devices, enabling people to do their jobs better. And driving sustainability by saving on travel and empowering disparate teams to make accurate decisions that improve energy efficiency. Even with the powerful insights that AI and advanced analytics make possible, though, the technology produces the greatest value when applied to solving a specific business problem. That’s when organizations get tangible, game-changing outcomes.

AVEVA is increasing its investment with Microsoft to innovate and bring joint value to customers. The company is all about optimizing customers’ data and building applications that use Microsoft’s robust Azure AI and advanced analytics services. Given the strong partnership, AVEVA will continue to trust Microsoft for best-in-class technology to support its signature AVEVA Insight solution and cloud offerings across its technology portfolio.

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