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Dynatrace case study

Dynatrace integration enables BARBRI to scale its Azure environment

Seeking greater visibility and scaling to meet demand

BARBRI, a company specializing in law school exam prep courses, needed a monitoring agent to baseline and size its Microsoft Azure environment.

Software intelligence integrated with Microsoft Azure

Dynatrace integrates with Microsoft Azure Monitor to increase the visibility of scaling requirements.

Satisfying customers with agile scaling based on instant insights

With Dynatrace, BARBRI was able to derive real-time insights into its Azure environment and scale up or down based on customer activity.

Simplifying cloud complexity with artificial intelligence and automation

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. Dynatrace is a Microsoft gold partner and Cloud Platform competency holder. With artificial intelligence and complete automation, Dynatrace’s all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users. Dynatrace, which can be installed on-premises or in a private cloud, provides application performance monitoring and features multi-tenant support and integration with popular user management systems.

BARBRI, based in Dallas, Texas, produces bar review prep courses for law school students. After working in a hybrid environment, BARBRI decided to move to a full cloud environment. BARBRI chose Azure because of the resources Microsoft provides and because of the engineering expertise of Microsoft. BARBRI began migration to Azure in 2016 and worked with Dynatrace because of the company’s automation and intelligence offerings.

“BARBRI moved our entire production environment into Azure, and Dynatrace gave me and my team the confidence to do that in an efficient and effective way,” said Mark Kaplan, Director of IT at BARBRI.

BARBRI scales its Azure environment with Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform prevents disruption during cloud migration and ensures compliance with real-time, full-stack observability of the application and components. This simplifies cloud operations because Dynatrace has multi-datacenter observability with complete transparency, including infrastructure, containers, and cloud services. To automate Azure ecosystems, Dynatrace provides auto-discovery, continuous dependency mapping, and instant answers. Azure Monitor allows users to collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data from Azure and on-premises environments. Dynatrace integrates with Azure Monitor to expand visibility down to the service behavior to identify scaling requirements.

Davis, Dynatrace’s powerful AI engine, learned BARBRI’s environment, providing problem analysis and root-cause analysis. With Dynatrace automatically detecting and monitoring BARBRI’s topology, BARBRI was able to scale its Azure environment during peak times of the year to ensure a positive customer experience. Dynatrace provided BARBRI with real-time insights into its Azure environment and the information to communicate with other departments and report to the executive team.

“Teaming up with Microsoft Azure, Dynatrace provides complete visibility to our customers' application landscape throughout the migration journey. With Dynatrace, there is no code or configuration change necessary to capture data and detect services.”

—Andrew Hittle, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Dynatrace

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