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MailGuard case study

MailGuard 365 works within Microsoft 365 to stop email threats

Businesses seek protection from email-borne cyberattacks

Email security is vital today, and many businesses are supplementing Microsoft 365 with third-party products, which can tie up time and resources.

Email security exclusive to the Microsoft Marketplace

Built on Microsoft Azure, MailGuard 365 works inside Microsoft 365, re-scanning business email for threats.

Thousands of email threats defeated in customer trials

In early customer trials, MailGuard 365 stopped thousands of email threats that evaded third-party email security vendors and other measures.

Fighting phishing, ransomware, and other email security threats

Founded in 2001, MailGuard is a leading tech innovator and cloud-based email security vendor that provides protection against advanced email security threats, including phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise (also known as CEO fraud). A Microsoft partner since 2016, MailGuard is a gold partner with an Azure cloud competency. In 2017, MailGuard was the only cybersecurity company Microsoft invited to join its global Cloud Solution Provider pilot.

Specifically built to protect the more than 300 million Microsoft 365 users around the world, MailGuard 365 is available in the Azure Marketplace and on Microsoft AppSource. It can be activated with a user’s Microsoft credentials.

"Customers want to purchase Microsoft products and solutions from our partners, like MailGuard, together in one place, with one transaction, on a unified invoice,” said Keith Vidal, Category Leader of Security and Developer Platforms for Microsoft Azure Marketplace. “Selling through Microsoft's commercial marketplace enables MailGuard to sell direct to customers as well as through Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider network, tapping into a pool of over 70,000 global resellers across 140 countries that receive incentives directly from Microsoft when they resell partner solutions."

Simple activation and enhanced protection

For IT administrators, choosing a traditional third-party vendor to supplement email security typically involves changing mail-exchange records to point to that vendor. It also involves configuring a console and supporting team members as they learn to manage quarantined email—not to mention educating their end users.

MailGuard 365, however, works within the native Microsoft 365 environment and moves threats to users’ junk and deleted items folders. The product uses the Microsoft Graph API to integrate MailGuard’s threat detection IP with Microsoft 365, delivering a native Microsoft user experience. Azure Machine Learning Studio is integrated into the MailGuard 365 AI to evolve threat detection decision-making.

“Critical to the development was a hands-off user experience,” said Craig McDonald, CEO and Founder of MailGuard. “Getting started is super simple, since MailGuard 365 is activated with the customer’s Microsoft credentials in the Azure Marketplace or AppSource, so organizations can get enhanced protection with a single click. And because MailGuard 365 operates natively in stealth within the Microsoft 365 environment, there’s no training required for users.”

“We’ve been on a journey with Microsoft for the past couple of years. We share a very real and major challenge: to stop threats from reaching inboxes. One email is all it takes to destroy businesses.”

—Craig McDonald, CEO and Founder, MailGuard

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