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Nav24 transforms Abriso Jiffy’s legacy ERP system

Nav24’s solution helps manufacturing companies unlock the power of connected data to drive efficiency across the entire business.

When Jakub Leśniak, Arkadiusz Leśniak, and Zdzisław Zeman set out to start a business, they shared one vision: to explore and harness the power of new technologies—and help customers do the same.

“Technology is changing faster than companies can,” said Jakub Leśniak, “and we want to be prepared for those changes and the future.”

With their combined experience as consultants for Microsoft products in past roles, the team founded Nav24 in 2013. As a Solutions Partner for Business Applications with a specialization in Small and Midsize Business Management, Nav24 has extensive experience implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supplemented by Nav24’s proprietary cloud-based solutions.

“We don’t just provide the software solution, but we can also advise. We know which products we can use to meet the specific business requirements [for each customer],” Zeman said.

Disparate data in an old-fashioned system

In the manufacturing industry, with its complex processes and massive amounts of data, it’s crucial for companies to have an ERP system that can keep up with the pace of business. Abriso Jiffy, a leading European manufacturer of protective packaging and insulation solutions, had an older ERP system—implemented in 2003—that desperately needed an overhaul.

“Our old ERP [system] struggled to integrate with newer technologies, causing issues in creating a seamless workflow with other business applications,” said Krzysztof Stopka, CIO of Abriso Jiffy. "The inability to share data easily between different departments led to [information] silos and hindered collaboration.”

Without a fully connected system, Abriso Jiffy’s team relied on paper records and manual data collection, which made accessing and analyzing that information extremely burdensome. The company spent more time transferring information between various systems than using that data to more effectively track production progress and optimize processes.

“Due to our scattered application landscape, we had very limited to no real-time information about the business,” added Stopka. “The ERP [system] lacked robust reporting and analytics tools, making it challenging for teams to extract valuable insights from the data.”

A production worker holding a tablet

“Technology is changing faster than companies can, and we want to be prepared for those changes and the future.”

–Jakub Leśniak, Business Application Expert, Nav24

A modern and fully integrated solution

Abriso Jiffy needed a reliable solution that could not only move their data to the cloud, but also continuously update and connect that data across the business, which operates 24/7 to make their products. For Abriso Jiffy, the Nav24 Shop Floor Pack was the right solution for their challenge.

Built with Microsoft Power Apps, the fully customizable application manages key production processes and integrates with Business Central. A bonus—and the ultimate selling point for Abriso Jiffy—was that the solution could integrate with and extend the tools they already used, like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power BI.

With the Nav24 Shop Floor Pack, companies can:

  • Track production progress in real time.
  • Get clear information about inventory, expenditure, and consumption.
  • Simplify the onboarding process for workers.

While Nav24 had significant experience working with manufacturing companies, the team hadn’t implemented at this scale before. But whether a company produces foam or food, they know the data they need to track—like quantity produced and time to production—is usually the same.

“Even if you produce different things, we can handle the process,” said Arkadiusz Leśniak. “The plugin to Dynamics 365 Business Central is universal, but our additional value as a partner is that we can use Power Apps to make a custom process depending on the industry—and quickly.”

Nav24 partnered with Abriso Jiffy for every phase of the project, from planning to deployment. “[They] customized and configured Business Central to meet the unique needs of [our] business [and] provided extensive training sessions to ensure that Abriso Jiffy employees [would be] proficient in using the new system,” said Stopka. “[We both] worked closely during the go-live phase to ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new ERP.”

A person standing and looking at a laptop A person standing and looking at a laptop

“Their proactive communication, commitment to deadlines, and unwavering support have truly set a gold standard for ERP vendor partnerships.”

–Krzysztof Stopka, CIO of Abriso Jiffy

Putting data to work

From efficiency and accuracy to resource optimization, Abriso Jiffy’s new and fully connected ERP system accelerated work in their warehouse by 30%. “The biggest advantage [has been] data analysis from Business Central and the ability to derive valuable insights for informed decision-making,” Stopka said.

Instead of manually transferring data between systems, Abriso Jiffy’s team was able to streamline their production process from two to eight production entries per minute, access data directly from mobile devices, and check inventory levels with a single click before ordering materials—reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

With the Nav24 Shop Floor Pack, warehouse and production teams also use the data to identify bottlenecks in real time and resolve potential issues before they arise.

“We could give the customer, let's say their support department, very quick information about potential complaints. If you can find and solve the issue during the manufacturing process, that is better than the customer coming back with the complaints afterward,” Zeman said.

Equipping customers for future success

As advancements in technology and AI continue to move at breakneck speed, Nav24’s work remains rooted in the vision that fueled the co-founders more than 10 years ago. Their solution doesn’t just move customers to the cloud or make it easier to collect and analyze data; it empowers the workers to harness new technology themselves.

“When I went to [visit Abriso Jiffy], it was a miracle that I saw people could use my software without me,” said Jakub Leśniak. “They could say, ‘Okay, I know what I should click, I know what the problem is.’ It was a really nice experience.”

Technology might continue to change faster than companies can, but Nav24 is committed to closing that gap by equipping customers with modern, future-proof solutions.

“[The Nav24] team demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs, providing tailored solutions that seamlessly integrated with our operations. [Their] proactive communication, commitment to deadlines, and unwavering support have truly set a gold standard for ERP vendor partnerships,” said Stopka.

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