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Open source. Open for partners.

Grow your business and innovate with open source on Azure.

Along with the very real cloud-first, mobile-first strategy at Microsoft, the company is far more open than it’s ever been. We get support quickly. We can talk with Microsoft resources and get them to work with us.

-Frederi Mandin, Azure Practice Manager, Edifixio

Step 1: Get the skills

Train your team on working with Azure, then demonstrate your expertise with certification.

Step 2: Give it a try

Start a 30-day free trial of Azure—including $200 in credits to get you up and running.

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Build Azure skills

Get training

Plug in to the Microsoft Partner Network

The power of profitability

As a Microsoft channel partner, you’ll have access to tools and insights you need to grow your business in a cloud-drive world.

A cloud leader in your corner

Move forward knowing you have the power and experience of Microsoft behind you with open-source cloud solutions.

Man and woman working on tablet at desk

Open source solution provider looks to Microsoft Azure to help customers

With more than 1,000,000 apps deployed each month, Bitnami is changing how people install and manage server software frameworks.

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Azure Marketplace

See how to list your solution on Azure Marketplace—the online store for developers and IT pros.