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Help your customers combine the powerful productivity of Microsoft Office 365 with insights from D&B's data solutions, injected right into Microsoft Excel.

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Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (NYSE: DNB) is one of the world's leading suppliers of business information and research. By uncovering truth and meaning from data, D&B connects customers with the prospects, suppliers, clients, and partners that matter most. Companies of every size around the world rely on D&B's data, insights, and analytics.

D&B data subscriptions are now bundled with Office 365, and they are available for resale in Ingram Micro's cloud marketplace.

The world's largest business information directory

  • Built on the federally recognized D-U-N-S Number ("the SS# number for your business").
  • Maintains accurate and timely info on more than 250 million global businesses.
  • Commercial data to power sales & marketing, risk management, and supply chain solutions.

Now available for small and midsize businesses in Office 365 subscriptions>

  • Data as a service, available on demand, delivered through the cloud, injected right into Excel.
  • Per-user monthly subscription packages starting as low as $25.
  • Target customers in B2B verticals: professional services, manufacturing, wholesale trade, etc.

With D&B Business Solutions for Office 365, businesses can build new insights into their customers and suppliers by adding D-U-N-S Numbers, annual revenues, employee counts, industry codes, credit (risk) pre-score indicators, and more. Customers can then build new prospect lists made up of companies that resemble their best customers and suppliers, helping them target new markets and industries. All within the familiar experience of Microsoft Excel.

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