Person sitting at a desk drawing on a tablet

The Microsoft Teams market opportunity

The way people work is changing. You can help your customers transform their workforces to meet that change.

Person sitting at a desk drawing on a tablet

The Microsoft Teams market opportunity

The way people work is changing. You can help your customers transform their workforces to meet that change.

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Help customers chat, collaborate, and connect with Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified platform that integrates people, content, and tools so that workers can stay engaged and efficient no matter where they are. It’s a powerful tool as businesses become increasingly mobile, global, and social. Today: 

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Nearly half of people use social tools at work.

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There are four times as many electronic devices per user.

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An estimated three in four employees work remotely.

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The workforce spans five generations.

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The average employee spends 80 percent of their time collaborating.

Make Teams work for you

There’s more than one way to start helping businesses prepare for a changing workforce. Explore Teams’ four key areas of focus and take advantage of whichever ones help you build your practice.

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Deployment, security, and governance

Start with deployment, then help customers better secure and govern their Teams environment with configuration and management services.

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Adoption and change management

Create value for customers by educating their users on how to take full advantage of collaboration solutions that can lead to new ways of working.

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Calling and meetings

Use Microsoft Teams to offer integrated messaging, video conferencing, calling, and online meeting solutions that help customers’ organizations stay connected—wherever they are.

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Custom solutions

Build a custom collaboration solution for a unique customer problem—from sales dashboards to process workflow, Teams’ possibilities are endless.

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Download the Remote Work Practice Development playbook

As customers continue to shift to remote work models, they depend on solutions that enable them to do business seamlessly and efficiently while keeping identities and data secure across locations and devices. Explore the market opportunity and learn to bring your secure remote work practice to life with detailed guidance across five key stages.

A solution for any business model

No matter what line of business you’re in, Teams offers a customizable approach to workflow management so you can maximize the value you provide to your customers.

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Project services

Support customers with project-based cloud migration, information architecture, and security set-up offerings.

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Managed services

Develop lasting customer engagements—and grow your business—with an ongoing managed service Teams offering.

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Reusable IP

Turn your existing custom offerings into packaged IP, including bots, Teams extensions, or line of business applications.

Discover growth opportunities with Teams

Explore new ways to expand your business by building Teams solutions.

Bring your solutions to the nonprofit industry

Discover the opportunity to make a social impact. Start delivering secure and flexible cloud solutions to nonprofit organizations.

Now it’s time to learn how to source—and train—the talent that your solution needs.