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Hire and train the right talent

Find and train the people you need to develop a successful Teams practice.

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Build a team that will help your solution thrive

Bringing together the right talent and resources for your organization is key for a successful Teams practice. Identifying and developing such talent takes a comprehensive hiring and training strategy that’s based on these five stages.

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Define members and roles

Map out the technical and leadership roles that a successful Teams practice needs.

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Identify capabilities and gaps

Assess your organizational strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to adjust for them.

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Target skills to hire and train

Identify the priority hires and development paths that best fit your team’s capabilities.

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Source the talent you need

Explore different recruiting channels, conduct a thorough talent search, and start hiring.

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Train and certify your team

Find the right training options for every team member’s unique role and development path.

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Download the Microsoft Teams Talent Guide

The Microsoft Teams Talent Guide is designed to help you develop a hiring plan for your Microsoft Teams practice. For a quick overview on how to develop an effective hiring plan, check out our infographic.

Training resources

Keep your Teams practice up to date with the latest partner-tested strategies. Here are some of the resources available to help get you started.

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Office 365 Training Center

Get the most out of Office 365’s suite of applications with training material for Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Develop your training event with sales and technical presentations, speaker notes, marketing templates, and more.

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All-access pass to learning

Whether you’re seeking certifications or want to become an Azure expert, find guidance with Microsoft training material.

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Role-specific training resources

From administrators to data scientists to marketers, find the training resources most relevant to you.

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Start building with Solution Workspace

Partners can use Solution Workspace to streamline an application’s progress to the commercial marketplace. Access customized solution-building resources today.

Find out how to get your application in front of more than 3 million monthly users