Business Applications Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP)

Last Modified 2022-05-11

In a crowded market, partners are looking for a way to differentiate their sales approach and secure a win with enterprise customers. At the same time, customers in the business applications market are looking for ways to up-level their CRM and ERP solutions. Whether customers want to improve their end-to-end digital buying experience or to shift from transactional financial management to predictive and proactive operations, Microsoft offers robust solutions that can strengthen their competitive edge. This program offers best practices and presentation resources that will guide you in shaping a business-first sales model that is focused on the Business Applications solution area and its core sales plays.

In this Business Applications Partner Sales Acceleration Program (PSAP), you'll have access to sales assets and video guidance on how best to use these in enterprise sales engagements. This program will help you navigate the six "moments that matter" conversations with various decision makers who will ultimately select the company to implement their solution.

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