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Get everything you need to develop and market the holistic security solutions customers want.

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Security assessment workshop materials

Get the tools you need to assess your customer’s current security stature and develop a comprehensive action plan.

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Microsoft 365 Business deployment toolkit

Use these resources to design and coordinate a Microsoft 365 Business deployment.

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Start your technical journey

Accelerate your technical capabilities with a guided path of technical webinars and consultations.

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Find more security resources through these training paths

Advanced training resources

Get the skills you need to set up, grow, and fine-tune a security practice through our curated learning paths.

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Common security scenarios

Read more about how Microsoft solutions can help you respond to many of the security issues facing organizations today.

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Protecting your data

How can Microsoft help discover, classify, and protect sensitive data while complying with data protection regulations?

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Securing non-Microsoft solutions

How can Microsoft help organizations with multiple IT vendors and solutions secure their entire digital landscape?

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Responding to a breach

How can Microsoft help organizations detect and respond quickly to inevitable breaches?

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Managing shadow IT

How can Microsoft help organizations put policies in place to manage shadow IT and rogue devices and remain secure?

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Improving your security posture

How can Microsoft help organizations understand their current security posture and get recommendations on how to improve?

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Managing access

How can Microsoft help organizations enforce additional layers of authentication if users or devices are compromised?

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Connect with other partners in the Microsoft Partner Community: talk business technology, get inspiration, share knowledge and insights, learn about opportunities, and more.

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