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ISV Channel

From student startups with an idea big enough to change the world, to an established IT solution-provider, if you develop, market and sell your own software and apps, the ISV Channel provides you with the resources you need to scale your business.

Build a Profitable ISV Business

Integrate new offerings and grow your business—all with the support of Microsoft. Check out the cloud solution development guides to start, grow, or optimize a profitable practice.

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Build your app

Access Microsoft Products and developer resources.

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Develop your strategy

See how we can help turn your app into a long-term revenue generator.

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Sell your app

You have choices. Find out which one is best for you.

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Connect with partners

Engage with Microsoft's massive global ecosystem.

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Tools for Developers

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Microsoft Developer Network

Any Developer. Any App. Any Platform.

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Visual Studio

All you need to build and ship your app on any platform.

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Get started with building apps for Android, iOS, and UWP.

Become an ISV Partner

Participate in the program at the level that suits your unique needs to access more benefits and develop your relationship with us and other partners in the network.

ISV Resources

Whether developing tools, training, or technical marketing support, Microsoft is here to assist independent software vendors (ISVs) with building the world’s greatest applications. Leverage these resources to increase demand for your amazing applications.

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Differentiate to stand out – eBook

Discover how to optimize your business apart from the competition.

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Sales & Marketing – eBook

Learn how to align your marketing goals with your business goals.

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Optimize your Operations – eBook

Understand the key operating principles and learn how to build efficiency in your business.

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Create Lifetime Value – eBook

Get your customer up and running to maintain lifetime customer relationship.

Sign in for an enhanced partner experience

Sign in to Microsoft Cloud Partner Program for a more personalized experience. Not a partner yet? Find out where partnership with Microsoft can take you.


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