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Image of Sebastien Molendijk

2017 Partner Seller of the Year Award Winner

Sebastien Molendijk, P-TSP, ECONOCOM, Belgium

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2017 P-Seller of the Year Award Finalists

Image of Asaf Nakash

Asaf Nakash

P-TSP, Cloud Valley, Israel

Image of Reed Wiedower

Reed Wiedower

P-TSP, New Signature, United States

Image of Ronnie Eliasson

Ronnie Eliasson

P-SSP, B3IT Management, Sweden

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Thumbnail image of Fingersoft win overview

Reimagining gaming industry at Fingersoft

Fingersoft partnered with Atea in order to build a scalable platform for their future needs.

Thumbnail image of BPAY win overview

Reimagining Payments Productivity at BPAY

Office 365 replaced an aging PBX and enabled location flexibility.

Thumbnail image of Sabeco win overview

Reducing costs and increasing productivity at SABECO

SABECO is enhancing and expanding collaboration and communication services with enterprise-class security and reliability.