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The massive security opportunity

Build a security practice and keep your customers safe with help from Microsoft.

Identify your focus areas

Determining your areas of focus is a critical first step when deciding how and where to start your journey toward building a security practice. This foundation will give you a clear path as you begin to identify the areas that will best address the needs of your customers in SMB or enterprise-sized businesses.

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Build a security practice

Develop your practice with help from the Build a Security Practice email series. In just five emails, our development framework will help you take your practice from concept to growth. When you sign up for the series, you’ll also get access to the whole playbook. Next, you’ll find chapter highlights that dive into the benefits of each portion of the security series.

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Define your strategy

The first step toward building a security practice is defining the strategy that you’ll use to build it. To remain profitable and agile, you’ll need to not only define and benchmark your practice, but identify required resources, design a solution offer, and define your pricing strategy. Check out the chapter excerpt for details on how to develop a business plan and more.

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Start your GDPR journey

Assets to help you clarify GDPR opportunities.

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Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

Learn about the security opportunity.

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Forrester total economic impact study

A commissioned study to quantify the opportunity.

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3 ways to secure small business customers

A blog post outlining the extreme risks of data breaches for SMBs and how to approach protecting them.

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Hire and train

Determine what roles your team needs, necessary skills, plus job descriptions and recommendations on where to look for resources. Check out the chapter excerpt for more on how to define the right roles and skillsets for your team.

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Intro to Microsoft 365 Security Fundamentals

Understand the comprehensive breadth of Security and Compliance solutions offerings from Microsoft.

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Build your skills: Opportunities with GDPR

Understand what the GDPR is and how you can help your customers simplify their GDPR journey.

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Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Training

This comprehensive training helps your team build technical skills for the security journey ahead.

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Microsoft 365 GDPR Training

This comprehensive training helps your team build technical skills for the GDPR journey ahead.

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Go to market and close deals

Discover how to execute your strategy, from creating a compelling value proposition to building marketing and sales materials. These include sales materials that help train your team to tell a compelling story and ultimately close more deals. Check out the chapter excerpt to learn more about leveraging marketing to find customers.

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SMB go to market

Ideal assets for SMB-focused partners.

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Enterprise go to market

Assets for your CISO conversations.

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GDPR go to market

GDPR assets that accelerate opportunities.

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Partner tool kit

Tools for accelerating customer engagements.

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Optimize and grow

Get the guidance you need to optimize your practice, strengthen your relationship with customers, and evaluate your own performance. Check out the chapter excerpt for details on nurturing relationships with prospective customers.

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SMB event in a box

Demand generation content for your SMB campaigns.

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Enterprise event in a box

Demand generation content for enterprise campaigns.

Group of men at computers in a briefing

GDPR event in a box

Demand generation content for your GDPR campaigns.

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FastTrack for M365

What is FastTrack and how to engage with FastTrack for deployments.

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How does Adept4 stay nimble to keep its SMB customers secure?

Discover how Adept4 tapped Microsoft 365 to build a security practice that provides their SMB customers with the personalized support they need, when they need it.

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How does Exceed IT Services go above and beyond for enterprise customers?

Learn how Exceed IT Services leverages Microsoft 365 to provide specialized IT security services to enterprise-focused customers in the Middle East.

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How did Crayon make the most of the GDPR security opportunity?

Explore how Crayon, a top international consulting partner, took advantage of the GDPR opportunity to develop a security practice that meets the needs of its customers.

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