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Nubes Systems and Technology case study

Microsoft partner builds app for Middle East pharmaceutical sector

Tracking pharmaceutical distribution in the Middle East

Pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East need an efficient way to track and analyze the data from their field sales reps.

A customized solution built with the Microsoft Power Platform

Using the Microsoft Power Platform, Nubes Systems and Technology built DRM PowerApp, a customer relationship management solution.

Generating time savings for pharmaceutical representatives

With DRM PowerApp, companies saved an average of eight hours per month per rep, according to Nubes Systems and Technology’s research.

Delivering more productivity to the Middle East with the Microsoft Power Platform

Nubes Systems and Technology joined the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program in July 2019. The Jordan-based company’s mission is to unleash productivity power in the Middle East through innovative technological solutions and cultural change that leads to digital transformation. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, Nubes Systems and Technology creates simple and efficient apps for regional healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. The Power Platform, encompassing Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Power Automate, enables organizations to rapidly customize, extend, and build apps.

Nubes Systems and Technology’s DRM PowerApp Analysis Report, offered on Microsoft AppSource, is available to companies in the Middle East and North Africa. DRM PowerApp Analysis Report combines with DRM PowerApp to help pharmaceutical companies record and track their services to their main customers: doctors.

How DRM PowerApp streamlines sales rep data

The pharmaceuticals industry is highly regulated. Companies distribute products to pharmacies and promote them to doctors to prescribe to their patients. Field representatives call on doctors to educate, place samples, and take orders. These sales reps report their activities to their corporate headquarters, where the data is used to track the engagements. Most small to medium-sized distributors track the activities through call records sent as spreadsheets in email, but opening hundreds of spreadsheets to glean insights is time-consuming and can be an obstacle to meaningful analysis.

With DRM PowerApp, reps gain a simple interface designed using a model-driven app in Microsoft Power Apps. This lets them send their daily activities and calls to doctors. Results are saved in one unified database using the Common Data Service from Microsoft, which ensures that reps and their managers have anytime/anywhere access to the data. DRM PowerApp Analysis Report, a Power BI report, provides rich and comprehensive analysis charts and dashboards, highlighting key performance indicators, report compliance, planned versus actual visits, and more.

Nubes Systems and Technology uses Power BI and Power Apps to collect and analyze the data, and it uses Power Automate for integration and automation scenarios. With Power Automate, Nubes Systems and Technology’s solution keeps companies up to date via automated emails and notifications. In concert with DRM PowerApp’s 360-degree view of clients and their history, companies can save time, improve their analysis, and maintain excellent relationships with their customers.

“Using the Microsoft Power Platform, we can deliver high-quality, secure, and highly efficient apps within days to our customers, enabling them to be more productive.”

—Mohammad Alkhawaja, Business Lead, Nubes Systems and Technology

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