Dev/Test in the Cloud is a Persuasive Move

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What the Cloud has to offer for developers and testers is just too attractive to pass up.

Software innovation is spreading very rapidly among all industries, reshaping their IT structures and enabling companies to walk their digital transformation path. In this fast-paced landscape, IT services providers have a high pressure to constantly deliver innovative solutions and better applications at the speed the market demands.

Cloud-based testing and development has the potential to accelerate and optimize in a very significant way the overall product development process. The cost benefit of moving dev/test environments to the Cloud are also worth noting; according to Forbes, $150 billion is the size of potential savings by moving to a Cloud-based dev/test environment, in which a supplier does all that provisioning and operational work.

The contemporary Dev/Test team

Developers and testers are looking to solve the delays in creating and managing their environments by going to the Cloud. Testing needs to be agile, but the traditional software testing process is tedious and time-consuming. The modern Cloud flexibility solves the problem of environment delays and allows self-service within a new cost efficient structure.

In a context in which the market demand for innovative software applications in a shorter delivery time is growing, the Cloud offers the infrastructure that enables companies to handle projects that require faster time to market.

Nevertheless, there are still challenges to be faced in order to utilize the Cloud to its full potential. For instance, dev/test teams still need to spend considerable time configuring their self-served environments. Also, decision makers are uncertain about how to leverage the Cloud to maximize their cost savings without adding too much process overhead.

Ready to test in just few clicks

Testing and development in the Cloud is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. In order to help developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling costs, Microsoft is offering for free the Azure DevTest Labs. It’s a self-service sandbox environment in Azure where dev/test teams can test the latest version of the application by quickly provisioning Windows and Linux environments using reusable templates and Artifacts. Basically, it enables quick creation of test environments while minimizing waste and controlling costs.

Azure DevTest Labs allows users to easily integrate their deployment pipeline with DevTest Labs to provision on-demand environments. Users can scale up their load testing by provisioning multiple test agents, and create pre-provisioned situations for training and demos.

With this service, teams can access their environments in minutes instead of days or weeks and companies pay only for the resources they use on demand. Additionally, it comes with a great support for all teams and it will make teams more efficient and adjustable.

Here are some of the benefits that organizations and Dev/Test teams will find in DevTest Labs:

Worry-free self-service

DevTest Labs makes it easier to control costs by allowing you to set policies on your lab - such as number of virtual machines (VM) per user and number of VMs per lab. DevTest Labs also enables you to create policies to automatically shut down and start VMs.

Quickly get to ready-to-test

DevTest Labs enables you to create pre-provisioned environments with everything your team needs to start developing and testing applications. Simply claim the environments where the last good build of your application is installed and get working right away. Or, use containers for even faster and leaner environment creation.

Create once, use everywhere

Capture and share environment templates and artifacts within your team or organization - all in source control - to create developer and test environments easily.

Integrates with your existing toolchain

Leverage pre-made plug-ins or our API to provision Dev/Test environments directly from your preferred continuous integration (CI) tool, integrated development environment (IDE), or automated release pipeline. You can also use our comprehensive command-line tool.

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