Windows 10 Campaign

Last Modified 2019-04-18

Today​​, 96 percent of enterprises are trying or already deploying Windows 10. Most businesses will deploy this year—don’t miss this huge migration and device renewal opportunity for partners, which forms the foundation for years of profitable, partner-managed services revenue. The Secure Productive Enterprise campaign uses the message of Digital Transformation to integrate and cross-sell Windows 10 Enterprise with Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). It shows the productivity gains of having the information you need anywhere, on any device, with the security necessary for protection against modern threats, and with a more personal device interface—touch, pen, voice, camera, biometrics. This business value opens the door for partners to offer new ongoing security services, using Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, identity management with Azure AD, and implementation support. Make Windows 10 the secure and productive platform for your services revenue.