Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics Workshop Resources

Last Modified 2024-01-11

The Fabric Analyst in a Day (FAIAD) workshop is a great way to learn about Microsoft Fabric, a new unified SaaS platform that combines all the capabilities from Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI. FAIAD is designed to showcase the complete analytics platform and its capabilities, which will empower SI partners and solution builders to simplify and unify customers’ data estates in a more secure, compliant, and cost-effective manner.

The workshop is designed to be a one-day, hands-on experience, where customers will learn how to use Microsoft Fabric to build and deploy data pipelines, create data models, and generate insights from the data. Customers will also learn how to use Power BI to create interactive visualizations and reports that can be shared with your team and stakeholders.

Leverage the content to train your organization to deliver the workshop to end customers. Learn of partner eligibility to deliver co-branded events with Microsoft and request future events at https://aka.ms/XIAD/partnerevents

For questions, contact xiadevents@microsoft.com