Reimagine the Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Last Modified 2023-04-07

Microsoft Viva, a truly unique solution, is a digital employee experience platform (EXP) that closes the gap between employees working in hybrid environments and the leaders who oversee them. It does so by bringing together insights, knowledge, learning, and goals within the flow of everyday work and collaboration. In return, everyone--from employee to executive—have the information, connections, and insights they need to work collaboratively and productively.
Use this campaign in a box to create your own multi-channel marketing campaign, grow your pipeline and generate interest for Microsoft Viva. You will find co-branded and highly customizable assets, for you as a partner, to execute a campaign end to end from gated content for interest generation to event delivery content and follow thru on leads.

If you would like to launch a more automated campaign, you can access through Digital Marketing Content OnDemand by clicking the last tile on page 2.

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