Accelerate your business with Azure

Your customers need a partner with cloud expertise. Is your company prepared?

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Azure Fundamentals

Learn about what Azure is, how it works, and the best ways to leverage its services.

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Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts

Complement your AWS cloud knowledge with Azure hands-on training.

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Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Discover how to configure and deploy all types of virtual machines on the Azure platform.

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Keep learning

Explore our entire collection of Azure classes and training.

Three reasons to invest in Azure training

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Surging demand

Companies of all sizes are racing to take advantage of the flexibility, affordability, and ever-expanding capabilities of cloud-powered business solutions.

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Huge returns

An investment in your most valuable resource – your employees – reduces risk and results in a more efficient, productive, and agile operation.

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Expanding market

Internal Data Corporation (IDC) projects cloud spending will exceed $500 billion by 2020, including $191 billion in the public cloud market alone.

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Close the skills gap

A recent Harvard Business School study shows the shortage of workers who have the necessary training for
in-demand jobs is affecting U.S. global competitiveness. Make sure your company doesn’t get left behind.