This month our Azure Partner Innovation video series explores low code, no code IoT architectures through Morgan Sindall’s smart home and building solution. Their platform, called goldeni, uses low-power, battery-operated sensors, The Things Industries software and gateways, and the power of Microsoft Azure to make property management more efficient while improving the lives of the people living in them.

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It is a standard for wireless communication that allows low-power IoT devices to communicate over large distances with minimal battery usage. And companies around the world are using this technology to transform their businesses and manage operations in new and more exciting and cost-effective ways.

LoRaWAN is just one of the many connectivity solutions available. It can be used alone or in concert with the rest of your technology suite to deliver value across a wide variety of use cases. And we are so excited to see where this technology will take us that I recently joined the LoRa Alliance Board of Directors so that Microsoft can take a more active role in it.

In the first video of this two-part program, Phil Copperwheat (of Morgan Sindall), Wienke Giezeman (of The Things Industries) and I sit down to discuss goldeni and the best uses for LoRaWAN. In the second, Oscar Naim hosts Johan Stokking of The Things Industries and Richard Clarke of DXC Luxoft to explore LoRaWAN features and how The Things Industries software interfaces with Microsoft Azure to simplify and speed development.


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