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Microsoft Go-To-Market Services

Best-in-class marketing content and programs to help you accelerate time to market, generate demand, and expand your business

These Go-To-Market (GTM) Services are included in the Microsoft Partner Network program. Whether you are a network member or have earned a competency since November 12, 2018, you have GTM Services available for you to execute—take advantage of them today!

GTM Services can help you:

Accelerate time to market. Share professionally developed and customizable content on your social and digital channels with the click of a button, access marketing training and best practices, an office plug-in that pulls relevant content into your emails ready to share with customers, and access to a personalized marketing consultation.

Generate demand. Promote your solution to Microsoft field sales teams through Microsoft Seller Webinars improving your co-sell and direct sales capabilities, and generate qualified leads with a co-branded landing page and nurture email templates, and get co-sell ready marketing assets.

Expand your business. Utilize a press release with a Microsoft executive quote and promotion on Microsoft social channels, listing optimization support, and geo-expansion enablement to begin your growth.

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