Black Partner Growth Initiative FAQ

Find answers to common questions about the Black Partner Growth Initiative.


What opportunities are provided to partners who enroll in the initiative?
Participants in the Black Partner Growth Initiative will receive personalized guidance and support to help their business take full advantage of Microsoft partner programs, offers, and resources.
Who is eligible to participate in the initiative?

To be eligible, your business must be a 51 percent Black-owned tech organization, a member of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, and based in the United States.

Businesses eligible for partnership do one or more of the following:

  • Offer consulting and services that utilize Microsoft products.
  • Build on a Microsoft platform to build their own business.
  • Develop apps using Microsoft products.
  • Create IP using Microsoft products (i.e., organizations willing to build technology on the Microsoft platform).
How do I enroll in the Black Partner Growth Initiative?
Businesses who meet all initiative requirements can begin the enrollment process here.
What financing programs will be available to partners?

Microsoft believes in supporting partners as they grow for the long term. Microsoft is supporting partners through two programs to provide access to capital: a $20 million payment solutions program and a $50 million partner fund. The $50 million partner fund provides loans to support eligible partners through their startup phase, with the loan repaid over time as their business grows. The $20 million payment solutions program offers eligible existing and new partners interest-free, flexible extended-payment terms on Microsoft invoices.

Existing and new partners can apply for the Microsoft Partner Capital Fund here.

What are the cost and requirements for joining the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program?
Microsoft welcomes all technology businesses to join the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. There is no cost to join. Learn about how to join and the benefits of becoming a member here.
How long will this initiative be available?
Creating more access for partnership is an ongoing mission of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. We have set our initial commitment for a three-year period and will continue to evolve our approach during this timeframe and in the future.
How is Microsoft combatting racial injustice?

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, shared many actions Microsoft is taking to address racial injustice in this post. As part of this, Microsoft made a commitment to increase the representation of Black-owned organizations in the US partner community by 20 percent within three years. Our pledge to address underrepresentation within our partner ecosystem will continue to be reflected through our business strategies.

Learn more about the Microsoft Racial Equity Initiative.

Who was involved with the creation of the Black Partner Growth Initiative?
Members of our International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners community, including partners from the Black community, provided advisory support for this initiative. They have offered feedback and insights that we will continue to consider as we grow the initiative.
What is Microsoft doing to recruit Black technology communities as part of this initiative?
We're actively working to connect with Black tech communities to drive awareness of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and this initiative's offerings. This includes technology professional associations, startups, and supplier ecosystem organizations.