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Microsoft Partner Capital Fund

We developed the Partner Capital Fund loan program to provide working capital to Microsoft partners. We invite you to apply for this program as you seek to grow your business.

Whether you're seeking to scale your business, improve your Microsoft capabilities, or put yourself on a more profitable path, this fund is for you. Review the loan information and eligibility requirements below, and then fill out the form to nominate your company.

About the Partner Capital Fund loan program:
  • Loan amount and duration are determined following review of the completed application process.
  • No or low interest will be charged for payment terms (Microsoft will cover all or most of the interest costs).
  • Eligibility is based on financial and other information provided.

Partner Capital Fund eligibility requirements:
  • Partner must be based in the US and enrolled and active in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.
  • Partner must be in good standing (i.e., no disputed accounts receivable greater than or equal to 60 days).
  • The partner must have less than $7 million in annualized revenue and the ability to provide three years of financial statements (reviewed or audited) or three years of federal tax returns.
  • Startup organizations must provide a five-year projection or a business plan.
  • Partner must self-certify their responses.
  • Partner must commit to allocate forecasted spend on Microsoft products or services, reviewed as a percentage of the loan.

Details will be provided during the review process. Additional items may be requested by our banking partner.

Eligible partners include those who are doing one or more of the following:
  • Offering consulting services that utilize Microsoft products.
  • Building solutions using Microsoft technology.
  • Developing an app using Microsoft products.
  • Creating IP using Microsoft products (i.e., organizations that are willing to build unique technology on the Microsoft platform).

By submitting this form, you're indicating that you're interested in having access to credit through the Partner Capital Fund for the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program offered by Microsoft's banking partner.

Participation in the Partner Capital Fund is subject to Microsoft program terms. Credit review and approval are subject to the program terms set forth by the banking institution providing the credit. Your personal information will be shared with banking partners and processed by Microsoft as per our privacy policy linked below. Defaulting on a loan could result in no longer being eligible for additional support from Microsoft for specialized programs and amplification.

By filling out this form you certify the information you provide is accurate.

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