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What you can expect from the five-part email series:

The goal of this series is to help you better understand our Security Practice Development Playbook and add a security-focused practice to your business. Sign up today and get the playbook, as well.

Here are the main parts of the series:

Part 1: Identify your focus areas

Find out how to identify the focus areas that address your customers’ varying needs while keeping them safe.

Part 2: Define your strategy

Discover how to define your offering, benchmark your practice, and identify the right resources for success.

Part 3: Hire and train

Learn how to build your team, train resources, and complete certifications that will help you get started.

Part 4: Go to market and close deals

Execute your sales and marketing strategy to find your first customers, and close deals with winning proposals.

Part 5: Optimize and grow

Collect feedback, identify expansion opportunities, optimize your practice, grow partnerships, and refine your offer.