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Security practice playbook

Learn how Microsoft helps you build a security practice that protects your customers’ businesses end-to-end.

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Capitalize on this end-to-end opportunity

Download our most comprehensive guide that is helping thousands of partners build their businesses. Now is the time to learn how your organization can build a security-focused practice.

The Security Practice Development Playbook

Learn how our partner practice development framework can take your security practice from concept to growth:

  • Define strategy: Clarify your offer, benchmark your practice, and identify required resources
  • Hire and train: Acquire talent, train resources, and complete certifications
  • Operationalize: Prepare for launch with systems, tools, and process in place
  • Go-to-market and close deals: Execute your sales and marketing strategy to find your customers, and close deals with winning proposals
  • Optimize and grow: Collect feedback, identify expansion opportunities, optimize your practice, grow partnerships, and refine your offer
Partner-ready materials

Take advantage of this security opportunity

The managed security services market is expected to reach nearly USD 41 billion globally in just five years.1 Below are customizable resources that deliver rare business advantages in this era of digital transformation.

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Marketing resources for security

Build your security practice faster by marketing your business with these personalized resources.

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Sales resources for security

Identify opportunities and quality leads. These assets help your team build pitch decks, scripts, demos, and more.

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Technical resources for security

Implement a strong technical foundation that will help build your business and keep your customers more secure

  1. Source: Allied Market Research