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Adastra case study

Adastra enables customers’ digital transformation on the Microsoft Azure platform with a strong governance approach

Many businesses don’t know how to fully utilize their data

The business benefits of advanced analytics and AI are clear, but many organizations lack the expertise to implement these on their own and unlock the full value of their data.

Expert guidance from Adastra

Adastra and its sister company Ataccama help customers modernize their approach to business intelligence and data governance by utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Accelerated digital transformation for customers

Adastra enables customers to use data in new and powerful ways, driving key outcomes such as increased customer satisfaction and easier, enterprise-wide reporting.

Adastra is a digital, data, analytics, and AI partner to leading companies around the globe. Together with its sister company, Ataccama, it enables customers’ transition from their current, traditional business models to more modernized approaches. The result is data-driven decision-making that influences a proliferating data culture with data democratization, enabling the use of data, analytics, and AI in all business processes.

The company’s mission is to help its customers succeed by understanding, managing, controlling, and improving all the data that connects them to their customers, and their customers to the world. Navigating, with Adastra’s guidance, the complexities of cloud modernization, customers discover the right opportunities and capabilities that digital transformation offers to achieve differentiated value.

On the modern digitization journey

Data and analytics are at the core of Adastra’s DNA. The company started as a data and analytics organization and, for more than 20 years, has helped customers adopt stronger data governance and analytics capabilities using the bleeding edge technologies of the day.

“Organizations had massive volumes of data even back when we started,” said Zeeshan Saeed, SVP and Microsoft Lead at Adastra. “But the systems were not able to handle the data to make it pervasive so that it could be used across critical processes for deep business intelligence. With the cloud plus modern analytics and AI, computing capacity is no longer a limiting factor. Organizations now have many more magnitudes of insight into their data available to them.”

Utilizing its legacy foundation and strength in data to connect all aspects of digitization, Adastra has expanded its offerings to help customers with their complete digital modernization journey. The company has well-established specializations in areas including data governance, cloud assessment and onboarding, application modernization, and web and mobile application development. It is also frequently called upon by customers for creative and design work and for implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Ataccama, the company’s own master data management and data governance platform, is recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. It’s breadth of experience allows the company to address the entire modern digital estate—with data, analytics, and AI still central to supporting customers’ transformation journey.

“Organizations had massive volumes of data even back when we started, but the systems handling data couldn’t enable deep business intelligence. With the cloud plus modern analytics and AI, computing capacity is no longer a limiting factor. Now, organizations can have much deeper insight into their data.”

—Zeeshan Saeed, SVP and Microsoft Lead, Adastra

“We saw the future and that analytics and AI is best way of unlocking business value. There was a nice synergy with Microsoft where our global organization could deliver at scale for many Microsoft customers making the strategic move to the Microsoft Azure cloud.”

—Kevin Harmer, Managing Director and Lead Cloud Architect, Adastra

Transforming businesses across industries

Adastra delivers value to customers through its knowledge, agility, robustness, and speed-to-market. Examples of this include:

A large governmental agency responsible for all modes of transportation in its region relied on Adastra to modernize its business intelligence strategy and transform data into actionable information. Through its solutions, facilitation of advanced analytics and AI, implementation of a modern data governance framework, and training, Adastra helped the customer achieve its future vision and make giant strides in delivering operational excellence while also increasing service provider confidence and transit rider satisfaction.

Adastra also helped a major energy industry customer establish a modern platform for enterprise data provisioning and analytics, and, by implementing Azure Synapse Analytics, unlocked dataflow to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Adastra’s solution connected 25 sources of data and decreased the time to integrate new data by 83 percent while adhering to strict regulatory compliance. With a new unified data-as-a-service environment, the customer can now facilitate complex reporting and access event-based services in its environment as it advances in its digital transformation.

Ensuring data quality for the future

Looking ahead, Adastra sees the growing use of analytics and AI unlocking critical challenges around data quality. Through advanced data governance, organizations can regulate their data to ensure the delivery of accurate and timely information and insights, execute strategic decision-making, and accelerate development of products and services.

“I’m genuinely impressed not only by Microsoft’s industry-leading and customer-centric tech stack, but also by the integrity of the Microsoft team,” said Edery. “They are committed to the partner ecosystem and they back it up with their actions every day. We’re excited about continuing to mature our partnership, broadening our capabilities and geographic reach, and driving Microsoft Azure growth, together.”

In partnership with Microsoft, Adastra and its sister company, Ataccama, are now helping customers fight COVID-19 by offering a Data Governance Acceleration Program— implementing AI-driven data governance powered by Microsoft Azure—at no cost to customer organizations.

“I’m genuinely impressed not only by Microsoft’s industry-leading technology, but also by their integrity. They are committed to their partner ecosystem and they back it up with their actions every day. We’re excited about continuing to mature our partnership… and driving Microsoft Azure growth, together.”

—Darren Edery, CEO, Adastra

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