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AgileThought Case Study

AgileThought focuses on collaboration to help customers accelerate value with analytics and AI-based solutions

Businesses want advanced analytics and AI functionality, but it can be cost-prohibitive to do in-house

Organizations know that there is a goldmine of insights hidden in their data but unlocking those insights with AI and advanced analytics can be too costly for them to do on their own.

Finding the right partner in AgileThought

AgileThought, a Microsoft Gold Partner, helps clients extract value from their data and automate key processes by leveraging their deep expertise with Microsoft technology.

Driving results and lowering costs

AgileThought has helped clients in numerous industries reimagine how they do business with advanced analytics and AI while reducing operating costs.

AgileThought is a full-service digital transformation and software consulting firm that helps clients accelerate innovation and achieve exceptional results by delivering new solutions at scale and continually improving them.

Founded in 2000, the firm has been at the forefront of the agile movement and applies an iterative approach to minimize delivery risk for clients and speed their time to value. Analytics, AI, and machine learning on the Microsoft platform enable AgileThought’s global team of 2,500 professionals to solve dynamic business problems by inferring from the past how customers are interacting with their systems and data.

A large portion of AgileThought’s portfolio involves delivering cloud solutions, often in highly regulated, compliance-driven environments, for verticals including healthcare, financial services, professional services, CPG and retail, and energy.

Analytics and AI for actionable insights

With analytics and AI, AgileThought saw a way to offer clients a powerful means of extracting greater value from vast sets of data and automating processes to go beyond understanding past trends to predicting future behaviors. AgileThought leaders understand that analytics and AI technologies lend themselves to iterative processes, creating strong alignment with the firm’s “inspect-and-adapt” approach and the agile framework it relies upon to design, develop, and deliver projects for clients.

Analytics and AI models allow clients to unpack data from thousands—even millions—of inputs, bringing actionable insights from much larger quantities of data than was possible before. This means that AgileThought’s solutions can help clients take the guesswork out of their analysis and empower them to make data-driven decisions.

AgileThought guides clients collaboratively in mapping specific business problems to discrete analytics and AI solutions. Projects start small and build, success upon success, to achieve clients’ business visions. The firm also helps clients gauge the returns on their digital transformation investments by tracking, measuring, and continuously evaluating defined metrics.

Deep trust in choice of the right toolset

AgileThought’s decision to develop an industry-leading data science practice was built on the foundation of its close and committed partnership with Microsoft. As the firm ramped up with analytics and AI, access to Microsoft engineering, analytics, and AI communities, and other partner resources accelerated learning and led to the development of new and innovative solutions for clients.

The ease of use of Microsoft’s robust platform tools and packaged services like Cognitive Services and Machine Learning Services has made it easy for AgileThought to quickly and compellingly demonstrate the value of analytics and AI to clients. “Microsoft’s stack of tools provides so many on-ramps for our clients to achieve their business goals,” says James Parks, Director of Data Science at AgileThought. “The Microsoft toolset was a natural choice for us because its end-to-end capabilities mirror perfectly our passion for meeting clients where they are in their analytics and AI journey. Working together with Microsoft as we built our practice and aligning it with the tools Microsoft makes available has enabled us to develop incredibly sophisticated analytics, AI, and machine learning models at scale.”

Microsoft’s approach to making analytics and AI accessible is highly complementary to AgileThought’s philosophy and practice. Working with Microsoft has enabled AgileThought to deliver the power of analytics and AI to customers much faster and more affordably. “Microsoft’s exceptional engineering has always been a natural fit with the way we think and work,” says Taylor Howard, VP and Managing Director of AgileThought. “As a vendor of cloud and analytics and AI solutions, we have deep trust in Microsoft as a mega-vendor.”

AgileThought is part of the exclusive Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program. Also, it has more than ten Microsoft best-in-class gold competencies, including DevOps, Application Development, Data Analytics, and Cloud Platform.

Bringing the value of AI to diverse clients

AgileThought has worked with customers across multiple industries to uncover the many ways analytics and AI can solve specific business issues. For example:

AgileThought worked closely with Microsoft to help the US Department of Energy leverage data science and cloud solutions to assist with business outcomes such as predictive maintenance, asset health, and energy demand forecasting. One use case involves using drones to collect images and analytics and AI for object detection to inform predictive maintenance on power grids. Business outcomes of this kind—lowering OPEX costs, improving service uptime, and facilitating a shift to proactive maintenance—are especially important for regulated utilities and power administrators. AgileThought is using this technology and use case across other verticals where similar business outcomes are being sought.

IntelAgree engaged AgileThought to enhance the AI and machine learning functionality of its contract lifecycle management platform. AgileThought infused natural language processing, machine learning techniques, and predictive analysis to accelerate how the platform processes multiple types of contracts. AI enables IntelAgree to automatically identify, extract, and analyze terms, clauses, and dates for all types of contracts, including third-party agreements. This is an example of the end-to-end solutions AgileThought brings to its clients at pace, going from proof-of-concept to production deployment in only four months.

Valpak, a North American direct marketing company, engaged AgileThought to help understand and improve customer retention for its subscription advertising service. AgileThought used predictive analytics to identify customers at risk of ending their subscriptions. Valpak is now able to pair the business intelligence on how likely a customer is to leave with data on the value of the customer. This identifies which customers merit additional time and care from Valpak’s sales team.

“AgileThought is building strong business and technical capabilities to deliver high value solutions to customers powered by Azure Analytics & AI,” said Simran Sachar, Analytics & AI Director, Microsoft One Commercial Partner.

“Together with AgileThought, we are focused on accelerating customers’ digital transformation through next generation technologies such as Analytics & AI while delivering faster time to value and seamless customer experience.”

“In our partnership with AgileThought, we are bringing the power of Azure to co-innovate and deliver data analytics, AI, and machine learning solutions to our customers,” said Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft CVP, One Commercial Partner.

“AgileThought is building strong business and technical capabilities to deliver high value solutions to customers powered by Azure Analytics & AI. Together with AgileThought, we are focused on accelerating customers’ digital transformation through next generation technologies such as Analytics & AI while delivering faster time to value and seamless customer experience.”

—Simran Sachar, Analytics & AI Director, Microsoft One Commercial Partner

Beyond business success

As AgileThought continues to grow and develop its data, analytics and AI, and cloud practice, the firm’s leaders are clear that the road ahead will include a deepening of their relationship with Microsoft. Look for AgileThought to stay close to Microsoft’s product roadmap as it explores upcoming technology releases and advancements to benefit its clients, both current and future.

Also, expect from AgileThought an increased focus on creating awareness and adoption of analytics and AI solutions that are ethical and socially responsible. For example, the firm supports and participates in the Data Science for Social Good program that helps nonprofits adopt analytics and AI for the betterment of society.

It all comes together—the firm’s advances in data science; its strong, mutually beneficial partnership with Microsoft; and its commitment to giving back to attain goals above and beyond business success—when AgileThought experts serve as guest lecturers at leading research universities, passing on to the next wave of data scientists and engineers AgileThought’s real-world experiences in creating ground-breaking and responsible analytics and AI solutions.

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