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Archive360: information management solutions powered by Microsoft

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"Archive360's mission is to focus on driving additional Azure consumption, as well as increasing active usage of Office 365," explains Dan Langille, Global Director of Microsoft Relationships for Archive360.

Since its inception in 2011, Archive360 has migrated over 7 million mailboxes and 20+ Petabytes (PBs) of data across over 1,000 satisfied customers. Archive360's business is driven by meeting its customers’ needs in a changing business, regulatory, and legal environment—current and emerging regulatory requirements, rising costs, and increasing security threats.

This changing landscape not only increases the amount of data businesses create and store, but also changes the way data is managed, secured, and made available. According to market data, USD20 trillion will be spent on digital transformation in next the five years. Much of that money will be spent on acquiring intelligent information management solutions—and Archive360 is ready to fill that need.

“Archive2Azure enables organizations to drive down the cost, risk, and uncertainty of their digital transformation.”

–Dan Langille, Global Director of Microsoft Relationships, Archive360

What makes Archive2Azure a unique solution

Moving an existing on-premise data management solution to the cloud can be a complex and stressful process. Archive2Azure enables organizations to drive down the cost, risk, and uncertainty in their digital transformation process. Because Archive2Azure is built entirely as a native Azure application, users can rest assured that their data will be completely safe, secure, and fully managed.

Archive2Azure provides the following:

  • Audited compliance across all data types and regulations (e.g., SEC, GDPR, MiFID, HIPAA/HITRUST, etc.)
  • Secure, On-Demand, or continuous indexing and privileged searches
  • Dynamic data analysis with ML, AI, Media Services, Cognitive Services
  • Role-based access policies secured with AAD and Key Vault
  • 100 percent Azure infrastructure for hyperscale elasticity and resiliency

The Archive2Azure platform utilizes over 80 data connectors (30 of which Archive360 designed with help from Microsoft) to onboard a wide range of data—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. As a Microsoft partner, Archive360 is focused solely on providing solutions for the Microsoft Cloud. Archive2Azure eliminates the need to keep expensive on-premise systems running. Instead Archive2Azure provides seamless data onboarding, validation, storage, and management for all enterprise data.

“We are a 100 percent Microsoft-focused ISV specializing in intelligent information management.”

–Dan Langille, Global Director of Microsoft Relationships, Archive360

Why Microsoft Azure?

"Nothing like this exists in AWS. Archive360 chose to partner with Microsoft due to Azure's exceptional reputation, architecture, feature/functionality mix, and future enhancements," Langille explains. Archive2Azure takes full advantage of Azure's blob storage. Azure provides three storage tiers—hot, cool, and Archive storage. Customers in specific industries also need Write Once-Read Many (WORM)/immutable storage support.

The Archive2Azure platform provides customers a consolidated intelligent information management solution based in the Azure Cloud. The Archive2Azure Platform Provides:

  • An existing library of 80+ FastCollect enterprise application data connectors
  • Full integration with Azure Data Factory for standardized onboarding
  • Legally-compliant data onboarding and management with full audit and chain-of-custody reporting
  • Guaranteed file immutability with source-to-target file signature matching
  • In-flight classification and anomaly work-flows
  • Cosmos DB and Cognitive/ Media services

The Azure Trust Center provides customers additional value and peace of mind. In fact, Azure supplies compliance with more government regulations than other cloud competitors such as Amazon's AWS or the Google Cloud.

What's Next for Archive360?

An important goal for Archive360 is to make sure its customers are not being left behind in this constantly changing data environment. Enhancing and creating new capabilities for our Archive2Azure platform is critical to enable customers to complete their digital transformation goals. In fact, Dan Langille believes there is an even better term for digital transformation—digital innovation.

Archive 360 will continue to develop new data onboarding capability, ensure compliance and legal defensibility, and provide peace of mind that customers are managing their data in the most cost-efficient manner. Migration to the cloud should be the last data migration customers face. With Archive2Azure—an intelligent, Azure-based information management solution, your organization's data will be safe, secure, and ready for whatever your needs are in the future.