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More milk please! SQL data platform and Xamarin, a powerful combination with a powerful impact

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From mobile apps to data insights, Microsoft Technology-based solution is filling up milk bottles across India

“Bitscape is a technology consulting company,” CEO and Managing Director Kartik Shah explains. “We help businesses and individuals achieve more with Microsoft technologies.” Vice President of Sales and Operations Rinkesh Arora elaborates: “We don’t approach our customers to sell, we approach them to solve their problems.” What problems does Bitscape help solve?

Consider the firm’s work with an Indian government agency to solve a multifaceted challenge: increasing dairy production while reducing costs to rural dairy farmers, nationwide. Through deep field research, as well as development utilizing SQL Server 2016 with R Services, Bitscape created a data warehouse and an in-memory database to collect, store, and analyze cows’ habits, histories, and locations. This work ultimately led to a mobile-optimized app that farmers could easily use to track feed intake and milk output. Today, the solution of the agency empowered by Bitscape and the Microsoft Technology tracks some 8 million animals across 48,000 villages and thousands of miles and is helping position India as a world leader in dairy production.

The solution uses an intuitive mobile interface so that rural farmers can easily track their animals’ intake and output. It records cow’s habits, analyzing data to determine what feed can both provide good nutrition for the cows to increase milk produce and, at the same time, reduce the daily expense for the farmers. By implementing the newest Microsoft technologies, the agency deployed a solution with help of Bitscape to track 8 million animals across 48,000 villages and thousands of miles.

“We made the right choice becoming Microsoft Partner. It was one of best decisions. We stick to Microsoft as a primary technology provider to solve our customer problems and we are proud of that.”

— Rinkesh Arora, VP of Sales and Operations, Bitscape

Bitscape’s evolving engineering focus, and its results

Established in 2010, and today a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Bitscape has evolved into a business that concentrates on quality engineering and the bottom line. Furthermore, “Bitscape invested in expanding its competencies around cloud collaboration and compliances,” says Ashish Bahuguna. For the Indian government agency, Bitscape identified its goal—to increase milk production per animal per day—and developed a strategy that leveraged the power of Microsoft technology. Leveraging SQL Server 2016 with R Services, Bitscape created a data warehouse and an in-memory database to collect, store, and analyze the animals’ data—habits, history, and location.

With the help of Xamarin, Bitscape was enabled to quickly adopt and create their new practice around mobile applications development, leading to additional revenue for their company.

Overall results? The improved livelihood of 4.5 million dairy farmers in India, 49 net new customers for Bitscape, and a 29 percent year-to-year growth in their cloud business.

A partnership that generates cloud solutions: one after another

Beyond Bitscape’s work with the Indian government agency, Ashish Bahuguna states that the Microsoft productivity solutions is one of the key reason for Bitscape’s success, as customers know and trust Microsoft technologies. Rinkesh Arora calls Bitscape’s partnership with Microsoft “a natural match.” Microsoft’s mission statement says: "Empowering every individual and person on this planet to achieve more and do more,” he explains. “[With] Bitscape being a productivity focused company, it was a natural fit for us, so alignment was natural.” Today, Bitscape applies a range of Microsoft technologies to their solutions, including Office 365, SQL Server, and SharePoint, and has embraced the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, using incentives, webinars, technical training, and visits from field teams, to improve their ability to create tech solutions.

“As the future looks more relevant for intelligent applications and cognitive services, we are sure, with SQL server 2016, we are going to be able to address our customer needs more efficiently than ever.”

— Ashish Bahuguna, CTO and Executive Director, Bitscape

Born tech leaders look to the future of analytics

By increasing their focus on intelligent applications and cognitive services, Bitscape is equipped to address customer needs more efficiently than ever before.

Bitscape believes that AI and cognitive sciences will play a major role in future solutions. “It will impact individual businesses in a way that it never has before. And for partners, it is important to understand where it’s impacting around the world,” explains Kartik Shah. Bitscape’s work reveals its familiarity with large scale impact: after all, the app they empowered for the government agency is bringing milk to an entire subcontinent. Going forward, with Microsoft at its side, who knows what Bitscape will achieve next?

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