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Breakthru wins deal, cash bonus thanks to Azure Marketplace benefits

Breakthru created a transactable offer to facilitate procurement, used Azure sponsorship credits to offset deployment costs, and fulfilled campaign incentives to earn $40,000.

Breakthru promotes wellbeing via microbreaks

After seeing how Breakthru’s app for Microsoft Teams promoted employee wellbeing, an Australian telecom company sought to deploy the solution across the enterprise.

Azure sponsorship credits offset customer costs

Microsoft partner Breakthru used Marketplace Rewards benefits to provide $25,000 in Azure sponsorship credits to offset the customer’s deployment costs.

Breakthru earns a $40,000 reward from Microsoft

Thanks to the Marketplace Transact and Grow Incentive Campaign, Breakthru got $40,000 for driving sales of transactable offers on the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

Breakthru closes a major deal and earns $40,000 in cash thanks to Azure sponsorship benefit and campaign incentives

The Breakthru wellness app for Microsoft Teams was created to offer users quick, repeatable ways to shift their moods and get their bodies moving again. Backed by science, Breakthru provides a guided system of two-minute movement- and breathing-based microbreaks to counter the negative health effects of sedentary behavior while boosting motivation and overall wellbeing.

Two minutes is all it takes to jump-start your metabolism after a long period of sedentary concentration or center your breathing before a big meeting. And the short time commitment fits into most work and school schedules, making microbreaks an easy habit to adopt.

Breakthru is transactable in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. It’s also Microsoft 365 Certified to let customers know the app has been vetted against industry standard frameworks and employs stringent compliance and security practices to protect user data.

Transacting in the Microsoft commercial marketplace enables procurement while you sleep

Daniel Langille, GTM advisor at Breakthru, described on Tech Community (A Short Story: Why Transact in Marketplace?) the highlights of an enterprise deal Breakthru closed with a major Australian telecommunications company.

"Last night while I slept, we closed an enterprise deal in Australia,” Langille wrote. “Yesterday, I created a custom private offer for the customer and sent them the acceptance link with a link to the Microsoft Learn page with instructions on how they accept the offer," said Langille. "Woke up this morning to a Partner Center-generated message confirming the deal was won and done. . . . Zero haggling on price. Zero contract redlines. Zero delays with traditional vendor onboarding."

Building a transactable offer in the commercial marketplace was a key part of closing the deal. But there’s more. Breakthru also took advantage of Microsoft resources designed to help partners succeed.

Breakthru leveraged several Marketplace Rewards benefits, including publishing a story on about the science behind the Breakthru app and its implementation at the National Health Service in the United Kingdom: Breakthru’s microbreak app for Teams makes self-care a movement at NHS, organically reaching 85% of NHS Trusts.

The Marketplace Rewards Azure sponsorship benefit provides partners and customers with Azure credits to lower infrastructure costs and accelerate business. Breakthru used this benefit to offset the customer’s initial Azure deployment costs by $25,000, helping to close the deal.

“We have closed multiple deals thanks to Marketplace Rewards Azure sponsorship credits,” said Breakthru founder Melissa Painter. “This benefit from Microsoft enhanced the value of our offer, lowered a customer barrier to implementation, and pushed contracts across the finish line.”

What’s more, Breakthru participated in the Marketplace Transact and Grow Campaign, which rewards publishers up to $200,000 in cash for driving sales of transactable offers on Microsoft commercial marketplace. With the Australian telecom deal meeting three of four campaign milestones, Microsoft rewarded Breakthru with $40,000 cash.

Breakthru’s story is just one example of Microsoft’s dedication to fostering partner growth and success.

As Langille puts it, "Nothing's special about us or what we did here. What is special is the Marketplace Rewards program and the passion the program’s engagement managers have for partner success. You can 100 percent replicate this experience simply by taking advantage of the resources Microsoft wants to give you."


“We have closed multiple deals thanks to Marketplace Rewards Azure sponsorship credits. This benefit from Microsoft has enhanced the value of our offer, lowered a customer barrier to implementation, and pushed contracts across the finish line.”

– Melissa Painter, Founder, Breakthru

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