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Cloud of Things case study

Marketplace Rewards helps Cloud of Things drive awareness for DeviceTone Suite on Azure

Helping companies improve their ROI with DeviceTone Suite

Cloud of Things helps companies turn their electronic products into smart products and maximize their ROI with its DeviceTone Suite on Microsoft Azure.

Cloud of Things drives awareness with Marketplace Rewards

The company used Marketplace Rewards to promote its connected field service solutions that run on Azure and are pre-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Reaching more prospects and increasing qualified leads 5X

Cloud of Things saw a five-fold increase in customer leads and generated interest with US systems integrators and service providers, where activity had been negligible.

Cloud of Things, a Microsoft partner empowering clients to maximize their ROI with IoT solutions

A Microsoft partner since 2018, Cloud of Things creates innovative ecosystems of IoT connected products that are manageable at scale. Based in Israel and the United States, the company works globally with product and utility companies to make their products and services smarter and more profitable by using its DeviceTone Suite on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Leveraging adaptive, low-footprint firmware and electronics on the edge with a robust device management and configuration system in the cloud, Cloud of Things enables cost-effective edge hardware and ensures better ROI in mass-produced IoT products and implementations.

Marketplace Rewards benefits raise awareness and deliver results

Cloud of Things used Marketplace Rewards benefits to further promote its IoT solutions in the Azure Marketplace. The company wanted to create greater awareness of DeviceTone, both internally by educating and motivating Microsoft sales professionals to sell its IoT solutions and externally by rolling out Azure cloud-delivered IoT solutions to Cloud of Things’ channel partners and direct customers.

"Working with the Microsoft Marketplace Rewards team, we've been able to reach more prospects, meet more partners, develop new offerings in the Connected Field Service space, and drive more awareness of the benefits of our solutions running on the Azure cloud. Those benefits include a faster time to market, performance and resilience based on the Azure infrastructure, full-stack cybersecurity, and an ability to start small but scale big. Since engaging, we’ve seen a 5X increase in customer leads,” said David Chouraqui, Vice President, Business Development, Cloud of Things.

Cloud of Things has participated in several Marketplace Rewards benefits, including a global webinar as part of the launch of its DeviceTone Genie ready-to-run edge module and, most recently, an internal seller webinar engaging Microsoft business unit and sales leaders. Leads have skyrocketed since joining Marketplace Rewards, with dozens of highly qualified and motivated opportunities now in the pipeline. Additionally, web and social media engagements continue to soar; for example, LinkedIn followers more than doubled in a few months. Marketplace Rewards benefits also helped Cloud of Things attract the interest of some of the largest systems integrators and digital service providers in the United States, where activity previously was negligible.

Cloud of Things will continue using the affiliated marketing with Marketplace Rewards and the Azure brand, platform, and service offerings to drive a more expansive and credible market positioning for its IoT solutions.

“Microsoft Marketplace Rewards delivers on its promise to bring the highest quality team, tools, and tactics to our overall marketing program. We will continue to invest in building what is already a very successful relationship, given the many benefits.”

— Avner Ziv, CEO, Cloud of Things

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