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DevOpsGroup case study

Migration to Azure DevOps leads SureView Systems into a new era

Expert collaboration needed for migration project

SureView Systems, a security software developer, wanted to migrate its flagship product from Team Foundation Server (TFS) to Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Moving to Azure DevOps with guidance and strategy

Microsoft partner DevOpsGroup devised a customized approach and conducted the job using a Git-TFS two-way bridge and Azure DevOps migration tools.

Modernizing and accelerating software delivery with Azure

After a seamless migration by DevOpsGroup, SureView Systems can now benefit from all the modern advantages of Azure DevOps.

DevOpsGroup empowers organizations through IT modernization

DevOpsGroup is a Microsoft gold partner that empowers enterprises and scale-up organizations to achieve more in the digital economy by modernizing IT. The Cardiff, Wales, UK-based company’s team is 90 members strong, and its cloud and DevOps engineers have vast experience working with cloud platforms and DevOps toolchains.

SureView Systems, a multinational software company with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and Swansea, Wales, specializes in physical security monitoring software for central stations and command centers. The company’s flagship product, Immix, integrates with more than 500 security products and systems. SureView Systems wanted to move Immix from TFS to Azure DevOps to accelerate software delivery and move toward a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Azure DevOps enables collaboration and modern DevOps services via its boards, pipelines, repositories, testing tools, and extensions marketplace.

“A key driver for the migration to Azure DevOps was the need to keep pace with the latest development and deployment tools as we migrated toward a continuous delivery/continuous integration DevOps model,” said Simon Morgan, Chief Technology Officer, SureView Systems.

Migrating Immix to Azure DevOps

Applying its TFS to Azure DevOps migration service, DevOpsGroup worked closely with SureView’s in-house team to examine the source control of Immix along with work item templates and customizations. The core task was to transition the source code from Team Foundation Version Control in TFS 2013 to Git-hosted repositories in Azure DevOps. In total, 668 Git repositories had to be created and uploaded to the new platform. Ahead of the full migration, DevOpsGroup held a dry run to test and validate the process. This took around two weeks. Investing time and effort up front ensured the actual migration ran smoothly and efficiently, completing in seven hours. The Immix code base enjoyed a successful and frictionless transition.

"Immix is our core product, and it was vital that its migration to Azure DevOps was handled with care and expertise,” Morgan said. “DevOpsGroup delivered on both counts. The high caliber of consultants and engineers ensured this complex task was completed on time, with potential issues resolved during the dry run.”

The IT team at SureView Systems now has an enhanced ability to embed continuous integration/continuous delivery principles and develop more adaptive working practices as it moves toward a SaaS offering. This, in turn, facilitates the company’s competitive differentiation and can drive commercial advantage.

“By migrating from TFS to Microsoft Azure, we helped SureView Systems achieve a seamless transition and enabled software delivery acceleration with continuous integration/continuous delivery principles to facilitate SureView’s movement toward SaaS.”

—Tom Beavan, Head of Partnerships, DevOpsGroup

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