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Drizti case study: Marketplace Rewards

Drizti generates leads and conversions with Marketplace Rewards

Democratizing supercomputing tech with Azure Marketplace

Drizti needed a way to deliver its certified, ready-to-use solutions that would facilitate successful deployments directly within end users' Microsoft Azure subscriptions.

Amplifying awareness with Marketplace Rewards

Participating in Marketplace Rewards enabled Drizti to use Microsoft marketing and amplification channels to showcase its HPCBOX solution.

Promotion and engagement boost leads and conversions

Marketplace Rewards benefits helped Drizti increase incoming leads by 75 percent and convert nearly 60 percent of proof of concept deployments to HPCBOX adopters.

Drizti delivers ‘personal supercomputing’ wherever and whenever it’s needed

A graduate of the Microsoft BizSpark program and now a Microsoft Silver competency partner, Drizti Inc. is a Toronto startup delivering a fully interactive high-performance computing (HPC) platform for “personal supercomputing” on Microsoft Azure. Drizti's vision is to make supercomputing technology accessible directly to the PC of every scientist, developer, and engineer wherever they are and whenever they need it. The company’s HPCBOX platform on Azure Marketplace uses Azure big compute capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions for simulation engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and finance. HPCBOX is offered as a fully managed HPC service through a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partnership.

Listing HPCBOX on Azure Marketplace qualified Drizti to participate in the Marketplace Rewards program. This enabled Drizti to use Microsoft marketing and amplification channels to showcase HPCBOX. Additionally, opportunities to interact with Microsoft sellers via Marketplace Rewards provided an excellent way for Drizti to get leads on users actively looking for HPC solutions on Azure.

Generating leads and conversions with Azure Marketplace and Marketplace Rewards

Drizti participated in more than a dozen Marketplace Rewards benefits, including a case study, social promotions, a marketplace blog feature, to-seller and to-customer webinars, and more. The company found the Development and Testing Azure Credits benefit to be very useful in accelerating its product development and testing, helping it advance its releases by over a quarter. Drizti was pleased with how the program helped it gain new leads, conversions, and exposure for HPCBOX.

"Marketplace Rewards was such a pleasant surprise," said Devarajan Subramanian, CTO, Drizti. "Drizti, being a startup, could now benefit from the marketing power of Microsoft to showcase its solutions. This really helps to solidify our choice of Azure Marketplace as our go-to-market strategy for the near future."

Participating in Marketplace Rewards delivered quantifiable results that are a testament to the program’s success. The case study and Azure sponsorship benefits helped Drizti boost incoming leads by 75 percent and convert almost 60 percent of proof of concept deployments to HPCBOX adopters. Additionally, Drizti saw more than an 80 percent increase in page visits and over a 50 percent increase in unique visits to its Azure Marketplace listings, more than a 40 percent increase in call to action click-throughs on its marketplace listings, and more than a 21 percent increase in direct web search landing traffic via search engines.

"Partnering with Microsoft and using Azure Marketplace has been super exciting for us. I don’t think we would have achieved the Azure consumed revenue we have today without having our solution on Azure Marketplace. With Azure Marketplace we have rapidly increased the reach of our products to multiple geographic regions and delivered certified solutions that can effectively make use of the amazing HPC infrastructure on Azure for our end users."

— Devarajan Subramanian, CTO, Drizti

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