Fishing boats at sea

endjin and OceanMind case study

endjin helps OceanMind fight illegal fishing and human trafficking with Microsoft Azure

OceanMind’s on-premises servers limited their scale

OceanMind’s mission is to identify illegal fishing operations around the world for authorities – to achieve this, they needed a plan for scaling beyond the capacity of their on-premises solution.

Beginning the migration to Microsoft Azure with the help of endjin

OceanMind worked with Microsoft partner endjin to begin reengineering their solution for the cloud, vastly increasing their potential for scale, security, and speed.

A blueprint for global alerts in near-real-time

With endjin’s support, OceanMind now has a blueprint for analyzing billions of datapoints in near-real-time with Microsoft Azure, setting the stage for them to identify illegal fishing faster than ever before.

“Migrating services to the cloud presents an opportunity to improve the flexibility, capacity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of your systems. Drawing on our deep experience with Microsoft Azure, we helped OceanMind do more than just move their existing system off-premises—we helped them migrate to a cloud-native architecture, tuned to exploit their world-leading expertise in analysis of international shipping and illegal fishing. Only with this kind of careful alignment of an application’s unique requirements with what cloud platforms can offer can the benefits of migrating to the cloud be fully achieved.”

—Ian Griffiths, Technical Fellow, endjin

Seeing results today and planning ahead for tomorrow

With help from endjin and Microsoft, OceanMind has taken the first step towards a fully cloud-enabled solution: designing a blueprint for digital transformation. As of July 2020, OceanMind is already using the cloud to aid data ingestion and analysis – looking ahead, they plan on using it to power their entire solution.

OceanMind’s updated cloud-based architecture also makes it easy for them to utilize the full suite of Microsoft Azure services, including AI models, for more advanced processing capabilities. It has also greatly reduced their data processing and storage costs, as well as the time they spend on server maintenance.

With Microsoft Azure, OceanMind’s data is more secure than ever, protected by strict security boundaries, least privilege access controls, and industry-leading regulatory compliance.

Finally, the cloud offers OceanMind the scale required to fulfill their mission of tracking illegal fishing around the world in near-real-time. Before the cloud, OceanMind’s infrastructure was capable of supporting regional authorities and governments as they policed their territorial waters and economic zones, enforcing both federal and regional laws. With the cloud, OceanMind will be able to generate alerts for the entire global fishing fleet in near-real-time, totaling more than 30 million data points daily, resulting in a 200% increase in knowledge generation from their previous solution. By developing a blueprint for full-scale Microsoft Azure adoption, OceanMind and endjin have taken a key step towards making illegal fishing a thing of the past.

“The challenge with fisheries, particularly on the global scale, is the sheer amount of data. This...really has been a game changer for our organization. In the past we’ve been very batch oriented, so we’ve only had a limited scale that we’ve been able to apply to the problem. Now we can get more results, more quickly, and save our analysts time.”

—Nick Wise, CEO, OceanMind

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