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Evenica case study

Evenica closes 150 percent more deals with help from Microsoft Marketplace Rewards

Increasing engagement and credibility to improve go-to-market strategy

Evenica Corp., an independent software vendor and systems integrator, wanted to increase engagement for its products and services that extend and amplify the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. The Catalyst-certified company wanted to demonstrate the credibility of its growing portfolio of IP and industry-specific sales plays, while improving its overall go-to-market strategy.

Microsoft Marketplace Rewards educate partners and customers

Through Microsoft Marketplace Rewards, Evenica activated blog features, listing optimizations, and press release support for its e4Integrate platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. This strategy allowed Evenica to increase exposure for the Microsoft Azure-native e4Integrate through Azure Marketplace and educate business partners and customers on the benefits of working with an established Microsoft partner.

Growing qualified leads by 90 percent and closed deals by 150 percent

Evenica increased monthly views of <a href="" title="Learn more about the solution" target="_blank">e4Integrate</a> on Azure Marketplace by 87.5 percent, thanks to hands-on support from the Marketplace Rewards team. A commercial marketplace blog of e4Integrate was viewed by over 700 potential customers. Views of Evenica's AppSource listings rocketed from 94 views per month to over 8,000 views, increasing by 850 percent in less than six months, and Evenica increased qualified leads in its pipeline by over 90 percent, while closed deals jumped 150 percent.

“The average number of qualified leads in our pipeline has grown by over 90 %, and our closed deals have increased by 150 %.”

— Kelly Mazur, Manager of Marketing & Microsoft Partnership, Evenica Corp.

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