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Gluu case study

With Gluu on Microsoft Azure, Danish manufacturer automates thousands of tasks

Time-consuming old ways

RPC Superfos, a manufacturer in Randers, Denmark, sought to eliminate many of its paper-based processes.

Building a digital process

Gluu, a company serving customers through Microsoft Azure, used its platform to enable RPC Superfos’s digital transformation.

Automation delivers

With the Gluu platform, based on Microsoft technology, RPC Superfos realized a 90 percent gain in time saved and automated more than 25,000 tasks.

Refining and standardizing business processes

Based in Copenhagen, Gluu has been a Microsoft partner since Gluu was founded in 2011, and its mission is to help companies succeed with standard business processes. Its platform removes the friction from mapping flows, distributing recurring tasks, creating instructions, and keeping all these moving parts updated, connected, and communicated to the right people. Its tech stack is fully based on Microsoft technology, and Gluu strives to blend in the products available through Microsoft Graph so that customers can get a fully integrated management system.

To develop and deliver its service, Gluu uses Azure, Active Directory, Graph, Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, and the developer stack around .NET. Through Azure, Gluu serves customers from Greenland to New Zealand.

RPC Superfos re-evaluates its activities and steps into a new era

RPC Superfos created an overview of its main activities, from the point of receiving an order to delivering the finished product to a customer. Each main step became its own process group in Gluu. Recreating paper forms digitally in Gluu made the forms shorter and more focused on each task, as well as allowing for images and video in the Gluu app. Because the digital forms cannot be submitted until they are filled in correctly, this eliminated the need of having to follow up on incomplete forms.

With Gluu, factory workers use standard mobile devices to complete thousands of recurring tasks and registrations. Tasks are served at the right time with instructions, forms, and an ability to ask questions and comment. Gluu on Azure enabled RPC Superfos to ensure secure access via Active Directory while sending data straight from forms in Gluu to the right Microsoft tool using Microsoft Graph.

Jacob Lund, Plant Manager at RPC Superfos, said, “The Gluu platform lets us find new ways to eliminate waste, as our processes—from order to production—have become easier to understand. Also, we save a lot of time by no longer doing paper registrations. Everything is done directly in the app.”

Using the Gluu platform has enabled RPC Superfos to achieve a 90 percent gain in time and close to a tenfold increase in employee involvement. It has automated the delegation and handling of more than 25,000 annual tasks and shortened communication flows from night shift to the quality department. It has eliminated errors and materials being discarded, and it has made it much easier for RPC Superfos to standardize work and ensure ongoing improvement.

“Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Graph API let us embed Gluu into a company’s infrastructure, so we build on the security and integrate with the information already in place.”

—Søren Pommer, CEO, Gluu

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