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Haivision case study

Haivision’s SRT Hub helps media companies optimize the digital media supply chain to get their content to market faster

Microsoft partner Haivision has created an open-source Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol that has been widely adopted to stream broadcast-quality live video over the internet since 2017. Now, the company has created a Microsoft Azure-based solution that’s transforming how companies produce and distribute video, particularly for live events, called SRT Hub.

High costs of livestreaming an event is a barrier for many media companies

Haivision’s customers include broadcasters and media companies who require moving ultra-high-quality video securely and with very low latency across the globe. When these customers produce high-stakes video content such as professional sports, events, or remote news reporting, it can be a resource-intensive process to get that video to production facilities quickly. Livestreaming an event and transmitting video typically requires a satellite truck and on-site production staff, which can cost up to USD250,000, or a managed fiber line to support the video stream, another expensive investment. The hefty price tag is a significant barrier for many companies, who find they can’t afford to cover events due to the cost.

SRT Hub enables workflows to streamline content creation and distribution

Built on Microsoft Azure, SRT Hub is a cloud-based service for routing low-latency, secure, and reliable media, which enables broadcast service providers to get live video content from the field and quickly and securely route it to production facilities or third parties anywhere in the world. Additionally, SRT Hub is adaptable to specific workflow needs so developers can create Hublets, connectors designed to support workflows for delivering content to cloud service systems, that customers can use to create, distribute, and monetize video content in ways that weren’t possible in the past.

Haivision drives a more efficient and cost-effective method for media companies

A group of broadcasters leveraged SRT Hub to create broadcast video content from a live PGA Tour playoff tournament in New Jersey. Leveraging SRT Hub and Microsoft Azure, the group distributed live video to multiple television stations in Boston and New York, with real time collaboration amongst production companies across the US. They produced and shared video quickly during and after the tournament without using a satellite truck or feed.

“Haivision is excited about how our customers and partners are using SRT Hub and the Microsoft Cloud to unlock new capabilities and business models.”

—Peter Maag, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Haivision

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