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Healthper case study

Healthper uses Azure Cognitive Services to power well-being programs

Employers face increasing healthcare expenses

Healthcare costs are rising, and employers are challenged to control expenses, improve productivity, and offer competitive benefits.

Adaptive programs using Azure Cognitive Services and more

Microsoft partner Healthper developed well-being programs that use Microsoft technology to cost-effectively deliver better health outcomes.

Customizable and turnkey plans deliver value and engagement

With Healthper’s programs, companies can lower administrative overhead, increase engagement, and promote employee health and welfare.

Maximizing engagement through personalization, coaching, and incentives

Based in Hamden, Connecticut, Healthper creates a successful health and wellness experience by maximizing engagement through personalization, coaching, and incentives. For employers, sponsors, and partners, Healthper offers turnkey well-being programs and challenges, as well as a platform and services to create customized programs and digital interventions.

Healthper's simple-to-launch programs spare employers tedious hours of implementation. Companies can start with, or add to their existing program, the 12-week Healthy Habits, Healthy Mind, or Healthy Heart challenge. Prepackaged programs built with years of industry insights, like Healthy Living, which includes a comprehensive health assessment and team challenges, and Healthy Habits, which includes unlimited personalized coaching, can jump-start well-being for companies of any size. Those that require a tailored approach can make use of the Healthy You program. Employers have access to analytics and feedback to measure efficacy and can easily make the decision to augment or switch their program. Members can engage digitally through desktop or mobile apps; get biometric or specialized screenings, like a COVID-19 antibody test; and connect with a coach for a variety of needs, including personalized fitness, weight loss, or a heart care plan.

Healthper’s Healthy You offer, available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, lets customers customize their challenge schedules, activities, and incentive management. Healthy You and Healthper’s other programs can easily be procured via Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource under the standard Microsoft license. This allows buyers to be agile with their well-being strategy.

Powered by Azure and other Microsoft products

Healthper is fully powered through Microsoft products. Healthper’s technology is built on the .NET platform, uses the Microsoft Office 365 suite, and is deployed on Microsoft Azure. Healthper relies on Azure for scalability, security, data management, virtual machines, microservices, and AI. Azure Cognitive Services plays a role, providing the Content Moderator and QnA Maker API services. Content Moderator enables Healthper’s community content moderation, while QnA Maker supports help and navigation functions.

Healthper’s AI engagement engine personalizes user experiences, provides audit notifications in challenges, and recommends new activities based on personal pathways and data from external sources. Microsoft cloud services simplified the build of AI and machine learning so Healthper could maximize well-being engagement in preventive care, physical activity, stress management, and reduction in hypertension, creating healthier outcomes while reducing the cost of care for customers.

“Microsoft Azure does an excellent job of providing cloud infrastructure that is aligned with health compliance standards, including HIPAA, and the Azure Marketplace takes the relationship with solution creators like us to the next level.”

—Narinder Makin, CEO, Healthper

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