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Hive Streaming Marketplace Rewards case study

Marketplace Rewards helps Hive Streaming drive awareness and secure its first large enterprise account in the Japanese market

Improving enterprise employee engagement with Hive Streaming

Hive Streaming's video delivery, optimization, and analytics solutions help organizations engage employees and maximize their video experience to achieve greater alignment.

Hive Streaming drives awareness with Marketplace Rewards

Participating in Marketplace Rewards benefits helped Hive Streaming increase visibility and position itself as a trusted vendor for its co-sell and co-marketing initiatives.

Azure Marketplace helps Hive secure its first large enterprise deal in Japan

Transacting via the trusted Azure Marketplace reduced buyer friction and enabled the Japanese company to manage purchases and subscriptions online.

Hive Streaming, democratizing great video experiences for enterprise employees worldwide

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Germany, Japan, and the United States, Hive Streaming offers leading video optimization and analytics solutions to help enterprises drive improved employee engagement and company alignment while fostering a healthier internal communications environment.

Hive’s ties with Microsoft extend beyond its move to the Azure Marketplace, with its entire technology stack running on Azure and its platform featuring integrations with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream. Hive and Microsoft have driven account-based marketing across 10 markets, hosted spotlight sessions for Microsoft sellers, and conducted numerous sessions for the global ISV community.

Available in the Azure Marketplace, Hive Streaming drives increased usage of Teams and Stream video by removing network concerns and providing video analytics to help organizations with their video adoption journey. It uses Azure for compute and storage resources to produce all enterprise video services, including optimized video distribution, advanced video analytics, and video operations services. Additionally, the MACC-eligible platform uses Power BI to produce video analytics data over time to show trends and structure large amounts of data.

Raising awareness and expanding to new markets with Microsoft Rewards and the Azure Marketplace

Hive has participated in several Marketplace Rewards benefits to increase awareness of its platform, including a partner success story, Azure sponsorship for proofs of concept, and solution spotlights to the Microsoft sales team and in the internal sales newsletter. Hive's direct salesforce uses the company's Azure Marketplace listing to advance customer leads toward closing, as it drives customer conversations about budget, ease of procurement, and trust.

“As buyers are increasingly demanding self-service options, Azure Marketplace provides Hive Streaming with an opportunity to scale and to reach new markets using a channel that meets key concerns about data privacy and security,” said Johan Ljungberg, CEO of Hive Streaming.

Hive won its first large enterprise account in Japan thanks to the Azure Marketplace, which reduced buyer friction for the organization by enabling it to transact online in a trusted environment and allowing its business and technical decision makers to manage its purchases and subscriptions online. From the start of 2020 though the end of Q1 2021, the Japanese corporation used Hive Streaming to reach a total viewership of 130,000 and produce and distribute 14,000 videos spanning Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania – all with an 86 percent excellent or good quality of experience for its employees.

“Managing to secure a large enterprise account in the Japanese market immediately following the launch of our solutions on Azure Marketplace is a testament to the trust that such a channel creates. Our customer was able to transact via the customer agreements they already had in place with Microsoft in Japan.”

—Johan Ljungberg, CEO, Hive Streaming

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