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iGlobe case study

Ergotel improves collaboration and customer relationships with iGlobe CRM and Microsoft 365

Supporting the growing demand for quality headsets

Ergotel needed a CRM application on Microsoft 365 that would help its employees provide more personalized and efficient service to customers.

Personalizing customer service with iGlobe CRM

iGlobe helped Ergotel deliver personalized customer service with a solution using iGlobe CRM, Microsoft 365, Teams, and Power BI.

Improving customer relationships and the bottom line

iGlobe CRM and Microsoft 365 enabled Ergotel to truly personalize interactions with resellers and end users, which helped resellers’ businesses grow.

iGlobe apps complement the Microsoft 365 experience

A Microsoft partner since 2009, iGlobe is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art business apps and add-ins to Microsoft 365 customers worldwide. iGlobe apps seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 to help improve communication and strengthen teamwork. iGlobe is a three-time Microsoft App Award winner. In 2019, iGlobe MIPA – My Intelligent Personal Assistant won first place for Best Overall App, and iPlanner Pro was awarded first place for Best Integration. In 2018, iPlanner Pro received third place for Best Business Value, and iGlobe CRM received first place for Best International Developer in 2015.

Ergotel distributes headsets and conference solutions for office, mobile, and PCs in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. The company collaborates with resellers to provide expert advice at all stages of purchase, from needs analysis to delivery and support. To better address the growing demand for quality headsets, Ergotel needed a CRM business application on Microsoft 365 that would help it provide more personalized, efficient service. Additionally, Ergotel needed a solution that would help map its end users to the correct reseller by matching a reseller’s knowledge and expertise with the specific needs of the customer. This need made it important to have an integrative system to give employees a clear overview of current and potential relations as well as the ability to quickly follow up on interactions between resellers and end users.

Improving collaboration and customer relationships with iGlobe CRM and Microsoft 365

Ergotel turned to iGlobe, which implemented iGlobe CRM, MIPA, Microsoft 365, and Power BI to help Ergotel organize and personalize its distribution. This in turn helps the company increase customer loyalty and improve business. With iGlobe CRM, Ergotel can easily get a holistic customer overview of activities and relationships within one interface. iGlobe CRM integrates Outlook, Teams, Planner, and other Office 365 applications, enabling Ergotel to truly personalize interactions with both resellers and end users.

MIPA is a personal assistant app that works in Teams to notify employees of their scheduled tasks, flagged emails, due dates, and other pressing needs from within the same interface. And with Power BI, Ergotel’s employees get an overview of their meetings and pipeline through their distribution channel for a modern solution that enables an overview of the company’s most important KPIs.

With iGlobe and Microsoft 365, Ergotel’s employees save time and can collect important information with just few clicks. iGlobe’s solution has also enabled Ergotel to help resellers’ businesses grow, which has ultimately increased their loyalty as well as improved overall business results for Ergotel.

“By using iGlobe CRM, we have a clear and manageable overview of all relations and interactions, which ultimately enables us to help our dealers’ businesses grow. It is a joint business partnership–if they do well, we do well.”

—Charlotte Skou, Infrastructure Project Manager, Ergotel

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