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Konsolute case study

Intranet solution built on SharePoint Online facilitates remote work

More companies are in need of connectivity for remote workers

Companies often find it burdensome to keep their workforce properly connected, particularly when employees are working from home.

A modern intranet aligned with Microsoft products and services

Konsolute Intranet offers a highly configurable system built on SharePoint Online that can be automatically provisioned from a Microsoft 365 tenant.

Driving efficient business processes and connecting employees

Using Konsolute Intranet, companies can keep employees connected with SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams in one easy-to-access central location.

A Microsoft partner focused on productivity and business value

Konsolute is a Microsoft gold partner based in London. Founded by former Microsoft employees in 2016, the professional services and products provider specializes in building solutions based on Microsoft technology stacks, such as Office 365 and Azure. Combining strategic consultancy with technical expertise, Konsolute helps organizations unlock opportunity through innovative technologies that transform productivity, increase automation, unlock insight, and stimulate business value. The small company of around 10 employees aims to serve clients of any size or industry, and it has recently worked closely with the government and nuclear sectors.

Konsolute’s offerings address all aspects of an organization's Microsoft 365 tenancy, including cloud strategy, migration, optimization, and security. Konsolute Intranet, available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, offers an all-in-one package deployed to customers’ Microsoft 365 tenants.

Delivering centrally stored information and communication tools to all employees

When organizations fail to keep their workforce in close contact, efficiency is hampered and business processes are significantly slowed. This is especially the case for companies that have part or all of their workforce working from home, where employees do not regularly meet in an office-based setting. This can harm company culture and demotivate workers.

To connect and engage employees, Konsolute Intranet combines organizational news, information, and events with social platforms in one useful dashboard. All members of the organization, regardless of department or job role, gain access to centrally stored information and communication tools. Employees are linked directly to their most relevant SharePoint sites, as well as to important team updates and chats via Microsoft Teams. Additionally, they can establish social connections through Konsolute Intranet’s integration with Yammer and Twitter.

Organizations can deploy Konsolute Intranet at the click of a button. Predefined templates allow them to provide an introduction to their company culture through a modern user interface, with access to all sites on SharePoint Online and seamless navigation through the company homepage. Customizable elements let employees personalize their widgets, links, and experience. This keeps employees connected and enthused even when they’re working remotely. And to keep customers’ sites current, Konsolute provides patches and automatic updates.

“Built on Microsoft 365, our intranet enhances employee engagement and leadership communication, breaks down barriers to improve transparency, promotes company culture, and aids adaptation to the new ways of virtual work.”

—Amar Bhogal, Director of Technology, Konsolute

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